Dr. Derek Gerlach: The Meaning of Life — Finding Your True Self

Excellence Reporter: Dr. Gerlach, what is the meaning of life? Or the purpose of life if you will…

Dr. Derek Gerlach: I believe the purpose of life is to learn, grow, and evolve as spiritual beings. In brief, to find our true selves. To explain why growth gives life meaning, let’s look at its opposite. We all understand what happens to a lake or pond when there is no regular inflow of freshwater—stagnation. Without the rejuvenating nutrients and energies of freshwater, stagnant water will transform, supporting only simple forms of life. It may slowly become salty or acidic with evaporation, and eventually, it may dry up entirely and cease to exist. 

Over the years, I have noticed that consumerism and materialism (which include social media) purely focus on instant gratification, which only nurtures a tiny fraction of human desires. This limited focus does not satisfy our inner spiritual needs. This is especially so in Western culture. This lack of spirituality depletes our vital lifeforce energy, leading us to stagnate like our pond without the infusion of fresh new water, leaving us feeling dry and hollow inside. 

Emptiness, unhappiness, and depression are symptoms of our pond stagnating. When people feel stagnant, many attempt to go back to materialism in a never-end cycle to find temporary relief. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with enjoying our material world. We each have our journey to fulfill. It is just important to remember that we need to nurture all parts of our human existence. Everyone agrees that regular movement and exercises for the mind and body are critical. However, it is spiritual nourishment that keeps us happy and fulfilled while preventing stagnation. 

As Maslow famously discussed in his hierarchy of needs, our existence is necessarily hardwired to focus on the survival of ourselves, mates, and offspring. Survival does not come easy for most of us. Even in our modern technology-driven society, we must spend enormous amounts of time and energy fulfilling our basic needs for food, shelter, hygiene, and caring for loved ones. After you remove all the time needed for survival, little is left for spiritual growth and consciousness evolution. 

Some also fall into the trap that I refer to as spiritual consumerism. This is when we fool ourselves into believing that if we briefly attend a meditation center or wellness retreat, we will then find our true selves, along with enlightenment. While this can be a wonderful experience in the moment, the problem is shortly after returning to our daily lives, we again feel stagnant. The reason being is that we do not continue these needed spiritual practices to maintain the inflow of new vital energies.

I’ve been working to answer a question for the past 15 years: Is there a key to unlock a higher awareness and consciousness, a way to stay balanced and receive non-stop a flow of vital energy into our lives? My research says, Yes.

Though I began my career as a conventional Ph.D. engineer, I’ve personally gone through significant expansion to become a spiritual scientist and inventor. I’ve come to believe that many of the limits we face in physics, biology, and medicine are because mainstream Western science solely focuses on the mechanistic processes of life, and ignores the consciousness of living systems. It’s like a sand dune — to understand it you must recognize and study the invisible wind, not just the tangible sand.

I invented our first product, Vadiance, because I believe one of the greatest hindrances to our spiritual development is our emotional blockages and past traumas. My goal was to create a drug-free way that clears negative energies and emotions, decreases stress, supports mental balance, and creates inner harmony. Removing these barriers allows our perspective to clear and shift to genuinely focus on the big picture. This opens the door to elevated consciousness. In brief, it helps you find your true self.

I believe that many of the personal and global challenges we face result from misalignment with our true purpose in life and spiritual imbalances. As more people align with their own purpose and become balanced, our society can advance and solve the big problems we face. Today too many, especially those in positions of power, are focused on “defeating the opponent” (rhetorically, financially, physically, or otherwise). We have to get past this dualistic thinking before we can move forward.

As we develop towards our true selves, our thinking changes. We move our inward focus towards the more significant concerns of our families, communities, and the world as a whole. As we evolve individually, we can elevate others around us. Once the world reaches a certain tipping point in this evolution of consciousness, we will see dramatic positive change. 

Eventually, this greater openness and compassion will unlock new understandings that will enable new technologies that would be thought of as magic today. With this shift, we will no longer have to live in a world model based on scarcity. We only need to be willing to work to find our true selves to get there. 


~Dr. Derek Gerlach, Founder — Vadiance Science.

Derek earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, (not medicine), from Stanford University and has been a longtime inventor and scientist. It was while working on his doctorate that he began questioning some of the long-held traditional teachings of Western science. His growing intuition told him that there was more to the universe than what he was reading in his school textbooks. After graduating, Derek set up his own lab in San Francisco in the early 2000s. This is where he began conducting core research into subtle energies and the nature of consciousness. 

One day, Derek’s mother told him about her ailing cat, Max, who was suffering from an unusual growth. On a lark, Derek decided to try an experiment to help poor Max using remote energy transmission technology he’d been developing. Unbelievably, Max responded well in a matter of weeks. This discovery led Derek to create a business out of this technology called ABLE. 

Though ABLE did not turn out to be a commercial success, Derek was undaunted in his mission to promote global healing and elevate human consciousness. Derek diligently used his accumulated knowledge and research to develop new technology to imprint and structure water with vital life energies. This new process combined ancient concepts with modern science, resulting in a water supplement that promoted emotional calm, balance, and, ultimately, consciousness evolution for the drinker. —Vadiance was born.

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