Wudang Bee Daoist: On the Wisdom of Life

Bee Daoist: If you have the Dao in your heart you are the man of the Dao. We carry these clothes, these shoes, this hat… if we do not see the Dao in our heart, we are no Daoists at all. To carry the Dao in our hearts has nothing to do we what you wear on the outside. Not showing from the outside that we are nourished by the Dao.

That is the meaning of wisdom without intention. What we practice, what we cultivate is just that. It is Wu Wei. Everything is void, once opened — your eyes — you see nothing but the void. In reality, everything, all this… is not there. And that means, when the time comes, the wisdom is there.

You compare and think this one should follow you, that one should act right, another thing should do you justice — mere blind thinking, for nothing. You don’t need it.

Ismet Himmet: How to act (in Wu Wei) when you are confronted by evil?

Bee Daoist: Until what level should we take action? If you hit me, I do not hit you back. If you insult me, I do not call you names. Exactly until that level. If you hit me, I do not hit you back. Hitting me, he takes my misery from me. Insulting me, he takes my misery from me as well. Lifting misery. But if you retaliate… It is you that can’t accept his gift and thus return it.

Ismet Himmet: Are there immortals in every generation?

Bee Daoist: You cannot say that there are immortals in every generation on Earth. There may be as many men that practice the Dao as there is hair on an ox. But the number of those that truly realize themselves through practice maybe as few as the two horns on an ox. How much hair do you think an ox has? So you can’t say in every generation there are immortals.

Ismet Himmet: But without the influence of this generation’s immortals — how could there be balance?

Bee Daoist: So you also can’t say that there is no immortal at work. Why? Where is the immortal? Look, these statues over there, their sole purpose is to give us something to do. In Truth, the immortal is in the void. Our stinking shell of skin. When we sleep, our mind (spirit) is free of it (it’s shell or the five senses). The immortal too doesn’t have to be in the statue. A man can be on this bed here and at the same time his mind (spirit) can be far away together with those. This is the Spirit. But your body is still here.

Ismet Himmet: What does a temple mean to you?

Bee Daoist: I think a temple is a train station, is a harbor, a gas station. In the station the train is taking care of. Trains carry humans. A train station is there to cross things. A harbor is there for ships. Ships too are there to cross things. I gas station is there to power trains, the power ships and humans. For instance, somebody approaches the Master and asks questions… The master talks to him. When he came he was so down and tired. When he left he was full of joy. So he refueled, didn’t he? Thus a temple is a gas station, also a train station and harbor. And us Daoists inside the temples, we are the servants of that gas station, that train station. What we do is serve… serve humankind. So if you are tired and sad — it is our duty to give you a warm and heartfelt welcome. And this servant here might fulfill his duty averagely. What if we don’t welcome our guest warmly and kindly, then people will feel bad when they leave. Then the servant has not fulfilled his duty well.

Ismet Himmet: Master, will I be able to go that way?

Bee Daoist: With sureness you will be able to go this way. With sureness you will go through this way. But when we come back to that word. Those who want to realize themselves have a primordial determination. The deeper the determination reaches, the more stumbling is their Way. More sublime your determination, the stricter you must be tested. There are people who say: we practice and practice, but for what? Look at them they don’t have a bitter life, but so comfortable. Look at us where we are. I say: you don’t need to judge this in this way. About such people the immortal will not care. When you purify, cultivate yourself… and the time has come, so I will take care of you. But if it is not still enough (the purification) and he wants to do something… then just go. The immortal will not test him, will not judge him. Why? Well, he doesn’t need him. When he’s criticizing, then, just because, he doesn’t want that you go in the wrong direction. The more stumbling is your way, the more reason for Joy on the goal. Even with a thousand tests, and also with 10,000 tests. Don’t give up! Keep your anger (Qi) back (deep). Once started go through this Way (until the end). When you… restrain your anger… to endure the bitterness… and pass the tests. I will help you.

This is one side, the other side… All immortals got their orders from Him. This task, that task. All immortals listen to Him. But his difficulties were more than that of any other immortal. That’s why the more sublime the determination, the more difficult the way. But in the end all immortals got their tasks from Him. Never think of yourself. The whole cultivation should be concerned about this. Think of the countless immortals from the old times. So we should endure old difficulties. And be happy! When you don’t think of the Old, it may be unbearable.

From today on don’t be afraid. The wind will be behind you.

Ismet Himmet: Can I go this way together with my wife?

Bee Daoist: Sure. I tell you together the purification is faster. Ten thousand and ten thousand times: tame your anger. Don’t go in the blind alley. Do not listen to people who want to show you the Way. One says you must go this way, the other says you must go that way… that is not how it works. This is mess! In your Heart you have Clarity! Purify you both together… carefully. At every moment… we have no fear of anything. There is no need to fear anything. Yes, you don’t have to be afraid.

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Thanks to Ismet Himmet for this beautiful interview.

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