T Proctor: The Meaning of Life… everything and nothing

56866450_392073101641812_8756601970447351808_n (1)Excellence Reporter: T Proctor, what is the meaning of life?

T Proctor: The meaning of life is nothing. And from that nothing comes everything.

There are still songs to sing, dances to dance and hearts to be touched. There are stars to be born and constellations to be formed.

There is vast freedom and terrible bondage, there is horrendous suffering and mountainous laughter. The divine taunts and toys, plays hidden and then floods the worlds with ecstasy.

The meaning of life is nothing. And from that nothing comes love. 


~T Proctor guides individuals and groups online and locally to bring the courage, clarity, and heart needed to work through difficulties, traumas, and blockages to self-realization. Using the power of self-understanding and acceptance as well as precise, present moment contact, his focus is on more than simply resolving problems, but the capacity of each individual to rest deeply in the peace, wisdom, and contentment of being.

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