Sarah Taylor: The Meaning of Life… getting a good pillow

15773432011630100011Excellence Reporter: Sarah, what is the meaning of life?

Sarah Taylor: What is the meaning of life? We could go at this from all sorts of angles, most of which won’t really matter unless they resonate and help you move through the world with presence, heart, and the freedom to fully play the unique music, so to speak, you’re here to play. 

But I’d like to say this: get a good pillow. It’s so important! Have you ever woken up with a kink in your neck? I mean if you’re sleeping wrong, what else in your life isn’t going right? And if you’re reading this right now, you are a privileged person in this world, as I am, and I know you’ve wrestled with finding a good pillow. 

OK, OK, maybe it only feels like you’ve discovered the secrets of existence by getting a proper eight hours of shut eye. After all, there are deeper considerations to being alive. But really, isn’t life always asking us to embrace the mundane and the sublime, the profound and the profane, the vastness as well as the minutiae? 

It’s all of it. We are all of it. 

And there is glorious meaning in embracing the totality of this. Nothing really matters, and yet everything does. You don’t ultimately exist and yet here you are. Delicious.

How can you live this seeming paradox? Find out. It’s not in living a picture of someone else’s life, be they a saint, a star, or a sales clerk. It lies within the stillness of your very being, and in the movement of each step on your unique path.

You could say we are here to awaken to our true nature; to realize we are not separate from source/life, from each other, from this very moment. 

You could say we are here to serve each other, to help and to uplift and hold each other so that we can all awaken and heal and thrive.

You could say each of us is here to uniquely embody our distinct gifts, talents, personalities and qualities so that we can fully inhabit this one precious and challenging lifetime we were meant to live.

I feel we’re here for all of this and more. 

We are spirit and human; we are what is ineffable and eternal, timeless and infinite, and we are living these divinely messy, seemingly chaotic, distinct lives. There is no mistake in this. 

We are the one thing living uniquely through each of us. 

I’m a living paradox of the whole and the particular. I am awake to it all. And until this body gives out, the truth of my original nature will saturate every inch of this particular life, and as they say, “I’m here for it.” 

And that has meaning to me. 

So as I stretch my limbs and feel the aliveness in this sometimes creaky and cranky body with the day’s troubles and triumphs behind me, I fluff up my favorite pillow, lie back at night, and look out through the bedroom window at smog and stars, and this…this is what it means to be alive because this is what is here right now. All of it. 


~Sarah Taylor is a stand-up comedian and actor as well as a spiritual mentor and energy healing practitioner based in Los Angeles. After undergoing a series of profound, radical, and abiding inner shifts, today she is a catalyst for people to turn inward and realize — and fully live — the radiance of their true nature. She has been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, and at all the top comedy clubs like The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store and more. Check out her TEDx talk, her interview on Buddha At The Gas Pump, and to learn more here:

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