How Bad Do You Want Enlightenment?!


There is a story of a student who was with his teacher. And his teacher was teaching him all these truth principles, and how to awaken and become free, but the student kept asking:

“Master how long will it take me to get there? How long will it take me to awaken? Explain it more. I don’t understand, tell me more.”

This went on and on. He bothered the Master all day long. One day at the end of a class, when all the students left, the teacher told that particular student to remain, and then he told him, “Follow me,” and he took him to the edge of a river.

And he said, “Look into the river.”

The student did, and he pushed him into the water and held his head underneath the water until he nearly drowned. Then he pulled him up by the hair, he looked into his face and said:

“What is it you wanted more than anything else in the world, while you were under the water?”

All the student was able to do was to gasp for air. And he said, “Air, air, air!”

And the wise teacher said, “When you want to awaken as much as you wanted air, you will.

Courtesy of R.Adams.


Excellence Reporter 2019

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