Vasant Swaha: The Meaning of Life… in every heartbeat

IMG_20191015_114218Excellence Reporter: Swaha, what is the meaning of life?

Vasant Swaha: The ultimate meaning of life is to realize that you are an expression of God’s love, peace, light. Therefore, be a light in the world.

To live as consciously as you can in every moment, and that will bring meaning and wonder to life. For that to happen, one has to embrace life in all its colors, without fear.

It is not something to be gained in the future, it is to wake up to the reality that you are life, here and now. You are the mystery called life. We are all breathing, living it every moment, in every heartbeat. 

Life is a journey to become more aware to what is here – what you already have. Therefore, it is not linear. It is not something you will reach in the future. It is vertical, going deeper and deeper, higher and higher – an awakening to your true divine nature. Do not be a slave to your animal instincts, live in the heart, know thyself – rise!

The mind is always looking for something in the future, to ‘become’ someone. We have totally forgotten that life is here, now. The meaning of life goes beyond any words. 

So be quiet, be love, be happy – and live totally. 


~Vasant Swaha is a modern mystic, a spiritual guide, who has been sharing truth and love with his disciples and friends for the last 22 years. Born with a wild spirit and a thirst for adventure and freedom, he left home at an early age. In 1977 he met his master, Osho. He spent the next 13 years imbibing his presence. One year after Osho left his body, in 1991, Swaha had a profound awakening and self-realization. That same year he met Papaji, Sri HWL Poonja, who recognized his awakening and urged him to share his being.

Since 1997, Swaha has travelled the world sharing his presence, love and blissful silence, giving seekers a taste of the eternal Self in a playful and loving atmosphere.

He holds retreats every year in his two bases – Dharma Mountain, in the mountains of Norway and Mevlana Garden, by the ocean in Brazil.

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