Leanne Whitney: The Meaning of Life… both rational and nonrational

IMG_20191014_144415Excellence Reporter: Dr. Whitney, what is the meaning of life?

Leanne Whitney: When the living is in the moment to moment of the body, the fullness of the body and its presence is known. Here. Now. In a world where our musculature and nervous system interacts invisibly with all other creatures and every aspect of its landscape—an indisputable thread in the fabric it so often questions, with all its viscera and vicissitudes.

Yet, we search for meaning…

That, to me, is one of the greatest dilemmas of the Homo sapiens and one of the most deadly aspects of the intellect.

In my experience, we will never get to an objective answer to life’s meaning first and foremost because we are looking for a rational explanation of why we should be here; instead of a nonrational celebration of the actual beingness of here.

In other words, to understand the meaning of life we must strengthen and deepen our “being-in-the-world” and put to rest once and for all radical dualism and the debilitating legacy of “I think therefore I am.”

Some questions are an entrapment of the mind.

The meaning of life is inherent in LIFE.


~Leanne Whitney holds a doctorate in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and focuses her independent scholarship in the field of consciousness studies. She is the author of Consciousness in Jung and Patañjali as well as several other academic papers that seek to bridge Western psychology and the Eastern liberatory traditions. Leanne works as a transformational coach both online and in person, with her private practice located in Los Angeles, California. In addition, she teaches Yoga philosophy to yoga teacher trainees and online courses on psychology. For more on her work, please visit

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