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Allan Morelock: The Purpose of Life


~Allan Morelock

My birth took place January 7, 1949 on a small rural farm in East Tennessee, and somehow the pure memory of my spiritual nature was retained as the process of incarnating into human form unfolded. As a child, I remembered myself being free from the limitations of form and language, and I made two vows: first, never to forget who I am and the freedom I had prior to birth, and second, to find my way home no matter what it took. In my youth, I experienced a nagging urge to know the Truth of my existence. By the age of 19, this urge developed into a fierce determination to find that Truth at the risk of everything – career, relationships, physical and even mental health.

My quest took me into many investigations including teaching the TM program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for 12 years. Every investigation left me dissatisfied until the late 1980’s, when Sathya Sai Baba began to appear in my dreams and meditations. I finally journeyed to Baba’s ashram in July 1990. The moment I saw him step off the veranda, I recalled my childhood vow to find my way home. In that very moment, I knew He was the living Presence of the Truth I was seeking. In the fall of 1992, Shirdi Sai Baba appeared to me and took me into a state of union with His Presence. Over the following months, my personal identity completely dissolved. What remained was infinite formless Being, immense love, and the Truth I had sought.

Over the next 12 years I expanded in my understanding of Truth, and the knowledge that I am the originator of all existence took root in my innermost sense of subjectivity. Eventually, I found myself in a painful relationship with a woman and began investigating the human element I had been working diligently to overcome in the name of spirituality. I had difficulty justifying my intense feelings of distress with my very high sense of spiritual freedom as transcendent Consciousness.

The distress of my lack of integration, fueled by my intention for complete awakening, led me to encounter the teachings of embodiment in the early fall of 2002. I quickly concluded I needed help in balancing and integrating my Divine realization with my very human shadow and brokenness. Immediately I began to work with teachers who understood some of what is required to bring awakened awareness into the human experience. Within the year, I began to realize and integrate the essential consciousness of Transcendence as not different from the consciousness manifest in and as the psychological reality of mind and emotion. The embodied awakening had gained sufficient momentum; I witnessed Consciousness fall from my crown area into the Heart center on the right side of my chest.

As the embodiment process has deepened, I have asked this question: ‘What does Life want of me?’ From that query, the role of teaching has arisen. I am clearly teaching what I need to learn, and have much love to share for those who dare the journey into the great Mystery of embodied awakening.

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