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JC Tefft: What is the Meaning of Life?

IMG_20190925_094933Prior to inquiring into this question, let us first acknowledge that it is impossible to discern or describe the totality of the meaning of life in conceptual terms, from the standpoint of Mind, regardless of the length, depth or breadth of our expose. The best one might do, therefore, is to touch upon what seems to be the essential, overarching meaning of life, as revealed by the evolution of the universe, as whole, through time.   

“Meaning” is defined in a dictionary, in pertinent part, as “… that which is … the goal; intent, or end. (Or) that which is felt to be the inner significance of something…. (The) meaning beyond immediate comprehension.” 

Whereas, “life” is defined, in pertinent part, as “The … state or condition of a living organism (and/or) organisms collectively….  An animating force… spirit or liveliness… To become animated.” 

So, if we reiterate this question, based on the definitions above, we might then ask: What is the overall, intended goal and/or significance of the underlying force that animates the movement of life? 

To come to a better understanding of the overall intent and meaning of life in this regard, it seems imperative that we consider the meaning of life in the context of the evolutionary unfolding of the universe, as a whole – from the initial animating force that manifested into atoms and molecules that became the building blocks upon which many and varied expressions of what is now called “life” ultimately manifested – from the Big Bang to today. 

Additionally – if we are to consider this question intelligently – we must also consider the evolution of conscious awareness through time, as the evolution of life-forms appear to be inexorably linked to an ever-expanding, ever-deeper conscious awareness of that which appears in the universe, as well. 

The phrase “conscious awareness,” as used here, points to more than awareness of duality, which is what the human mind thinks, imagines and conceives. For, there is a non-dual “Reality,” if you will, that is revealed by means of awakening unto Pure Conscious Awareness, which is a Realization regarding the totality of Awareness Itself that is beyond mere concepts of mind – beyond the limitations of mind – that is just now coming to Light in humankind. Pure Conscious Awareness allows one to be consciously aware of being aware, absent identification with the content of Mind, as such arises in Consciousness, therefore absent a dualistic sense of separateness from the Totality and/or Oneness of the Universe, as a Whole. 

Therefore, just as with the evolution of life-forms through time, so also unawareness in consciousness has been evolving into ever-greater, ever-deeper, ever-richer awareness in consciousness through time. And this new Realization of Pure Conscious Awareness, as it relates to the unfolding of conscious awareness today, appears to be inexorably linked to the intended goal of the evolution of life forms, as a whole, from the beginning of time to today.  

This being so, what can now be said with certainty is that all phenomenal expressions arise out of One Source in the present moment, and as such arise, so also Pure Conscious Awareness evolves. For this to occur at this stage of development, however, it was necessary that a variety of simple organisms evolve first to establish a foundation upon which more complex organisms could eventually emerge. Consequently, by the time humans appeared, unlike organisms that appeared before, it was possible for humans to not only comprehend and reflect upon the duality of mind that arises in the present moment, but also Realize a “level” of Pure Conscious Awareness previously unknown. Humans, therefore, unlike any other species, embody the potential to ultimately become Aware of being Aware

In this manner, ever-greater conscious awareness has progressively evolved by means of the animation of life through elements, mechanisms, organisms, and faculties since the universe began. Every material expression likewise evolved out of that which came before and as life forms have evolved, so also conscious awareness has evolved from within.

The earliest forms were the least complex, therefore the least aware of evolving consciousness. But from the earliest forms to more recent expressions, new organisms have progressively been endowed with ever-greater potential in conscious awareness. Thus, ever-greater awareness has evolved as a result of a progressive unfolding of ever-more complex forms on the material plane. In this way, the creative Spirit, through a process of trial and error, has produced and developed ever-more complex forms and functionalities capable of ever-greater conscious awareness within. 

Accordingly, the true nature of conscious awareness has come to light in ever-greater measure in more recently evolved organisms than in previously evolved ones. Thus, more recently evolved species, such as humankind, embody greater potential in conscious awareness than previously evolved species, such as plants and animals. Moreover, unlike any other species that came before, the human expression is capable of Realizing Oneness with the Creator of All. Even so, because this bourgeoning capability is yet in its infancy, the capacity to Realize this latest cosmic ‘level’ of Pure Conscious Awareness is not yet fully developed and therefore has not yet fully blossomed, as of this moment in evolutionary time.  

Despite this fact, by these observations alone it seems abundantly clear that the primary “meaning” and/or “significance” of life correlates directly with the evolution of conscious awareness within and throughout the manifested universe, as a whole. 


~JC Tefft

A former athlete, teacher, and entrepreneur, JC is a critically acclaimed author, video producer, and spiritual teacher who corresponds with students worldwide regarding the nature of non-duality awareness. A student, himself, first of his enlightened father, and later of world-renowned teachers J. Krishnamurti and Eckhart Tolle, JC’s investigation into the nature of Consciousness, Life and universal expression, as a whole, led to realizations in Pure Conscious Awareness that ultimately moved him to write his first book, “The Christ is NOT a Person: The Evolution of Consciousness and the Destiny of Man.” He has since completed a 4- part video series entitled, “Pure Consciousness: The Last Frontier,” together with a book by the same name, all of which can be viewed and/or reviewed online at More recent postings are available via FaceBook at “Pure Consciousness: The Last Frontier” and/or “J.C. Tefft.”

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