Advaita / non-duality

Aisha Salem: The Meaning of Life… Emerging as the Beauty of Being itself

“And she lifted her head, looking out the window. The Sun shone directly into her eye with just a slight angle and she chose not to waver in the face of the strong light, but to let the suns rays penetrate her vision and give her Eyes for the clear sight and transparency, that became a clear view of the many layers with which she could see the world. Her reference point sunk down to the lowest part of her body in pure relaxation, as she felt both Seen and seeing. Loved and loving. Transparent yet somehow with the delightful sweetness of Beauty itself…”



I find, that everything awaits our surrender to the unveiling of Reality. To the deepest vulnerability and delicacy of our true and naked existence in its noble bowing to and merging with the profound; the power of Creation itself. I find that this surrender, which fulfils and actualises our highest potential and our unfolding as fully Intimate Being, lovingly unifies us with Source, as the unending pulse of pure Life, lived as rest in silent appreciation and fulfilment by our arrival in every moment as Presence.

In this we have so much to unfold, so much to shed, so much to love, to realize and recall, for the true nature of Being to be revealed to us, as our innermost. For us to become the finest pearl and true Beauty of the supreme Silence, of Being itself.

To live in the light of and humility to the Truth of who and what we are, allowing us to be kindly bent and brutally softened. I find this to be the most meaningful and deepest inspiration and aspiration we as human beings can live.

In our Yes to be Touched by the dearness of each and every moment – while standing face to face with our Creator – we in each moment find ourselves reckoning with the Limitless, turning towards and returning into the arms of Love. It is here, that we stand honest and naked to our purpose, to our union with Source as our deepest embrace of Intimacy with the power of Creation as well as our human existence and living lives.

In this return – to the innermost love of and draw to the profound – our deepest Calling is answered and our highest potential actualized. Breath by breath, moment by moment – each as full as the next, each as empty and non-existent as the previous.

To let every moment Be and Hold the profound Value – the irreplaceable significance of its fulfillment in all of its delicate Beauty of being lived to completion – while we rest in the palm of the Eternal, beholding the impermanence, witnessing with silent acceptance the fleeting nature of every moment. Letting the endless be the grounds of our deep appreciation and endless gratitude for Now.

We experience the Dearness of this moment as Infinite Intimacy when we embrace the heartbreaking reality of this human life, unveiled as the very grounds for our deeply passionate yet truly silent enjoyment and tenderness. When we rest in the palm of the Eternal while giving ourselves Fully.

Embracing our limitless potentiality, that which unleashes our true and boundless nature, requires us to learn the finest traits of living and dying. Of Caring endlessly, whilst resting in and never loosing our rest in the infinite transparency of Being, of Knowing and Doing by non-knowing and non-doing. All with the deepest bowing to Existence itself… It truly reveals the timeless poetry of our existence.

Our Love of Reality truly is what lets us celebrate the Beauty and deepest breath of our Beings, as the manifestation of our innocence into every breathing moment of Being Here. As the ever deepening rest into our innermost unity with the power of Creation – in boundless passion for Existence.

As we unfold into palm of Love itself – able to meet and appreciate the world, as it is – we welcome the pouring of Grace into every moment, and embrace the sweetness of our short human lives. It would be truly sad to pass this world without showering it with a flower garland, as the birth of Beauty itself is the very meaning of Life…



~Aisha Salem is a woman in deep intimacy with Truth. A radical and life-long journey has brought her to the very Heart of what it means to be a real human being.

She is an inspirator and guide for people on the path of awakening and self-actualisation – as an embrace of reality, which is rooted in the open-ended surrender to Truth – as compassion and deep intimacy with our disappearance.

Aisha has been teaching across the world since 2003 and is the founder of Gateway, which is a growing community of people resonating with her sharing and the invitation to true co-existence on a ground of surrender and responsibility – reality.

Aisha’s being and guidance holds keys to unlocking our perception to the hidden Core within all of us. Inviting us to Truly Blossom into reality by our becoming and unbecoming.

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  1. She is not in deep intimacy with Truth – she *corrupts* the truth. She indeed has powers and has broken the lives of many of her innocent followers. Do not get fooled by all the “sweet, vulnerable human” talk. If you let her slip in to your inner sanctuary she is going to infest you with unspeakable misery that will hurt you on all levels.


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