Jude Currivan: What New Science is Telling Us About the Meaning of Life?

IMG_20190820_103734A 21st century scientific revolution is underway that will transform our understanding of our Universe at every level and crucially at the scale of our everyday lives. Even more important, by reconciling scientifically-based evidence with universal spiritual experience, it will revolutionize our understanding of the nature of reality itself.

It’s revealing that the virtual realities and holograms of our high-tech gizmos are ‘children’s’ versions of the masterpiece, which is the real world. The digital information whose existence, flows, and interactions are the basis of our technologies is exactly the same as the universal in-formation
that the latest scientific discoveries are showing makes up, and literally is, all that we call physical reality.

It’s offering numerous evidence that reality is fundamentally unified: that mind is matter, and consciousness isn’t something we have, it’s what we and the whole world are.

It scientifically proves that we aren’t just the creation of our Universe, but microcosmic co-creators of its inherent intelligence and unified reality.

At all scales, the latest insights across all fields of scientific research are discovering that it is finite, innately in-formed and its in-formation
holographically real-ized – literally a cosmic hologram; existing and evolving as a coherent and unified ‘thought’ in the mind of the infinite and eternal Cosmos.

This WholeWorld-View nurtures our need for meaning and belonging and celebrates our innate diversity within a unified whole. It has the power to heal our fragmented perspectives and so radically change our personal and collective behaviors, transforming the challenges of our global emergency into the emergence of our conscious evolution.


~Dr Jude Currivan is a cosmologist, planetary healer, futurist, author and previously one of the most senior business women in the UK.

She is the author of six non-fiction books currently available in 15 languages and 25 countries including CosMos – a co-creator’s guide to the whole-world co-authored with Dr Ervin Laszlo. Her first fictionalised e-book Legacy is available at amazon.

Her latest is The Cosmic Hologram- In-formation at the Center of Creation, the first book of the Transformation trilogy and which won a silver Nautilus Book Award for 2017. She is currently writing book two Gaia: Her-Story.

Her international corporate career culminated in her being the Group Finance Director of two major international businesses. She has extensive experience and knowledge of world events, international politics and global economic and financial systems and has spoken on transformational reforms in the UK, US, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

Excellence Reporter 2019 Copyright ©Jude Currivan

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