Advaita / non-duality

Tree: The Meaning of Life… both human and divine


Excellence Reporter: Tree, what is the meaning of life?

Tree: The ultimate meaning of life is to discover who we are. To have an embodied experience of, “I Am That.” We are all searching for this either consciously or unconsciously or is it searching for us.

To experience our wholeness – to realise we are the Source – the SELF the one consciousness – this is the divine game we call life.

So all life, in all expressions and forms is precious. Our lifetimes lead us forward on the path of TRUE SELF discovery. The meaning of life for each individual played out, sanskaras created and resolved – a divine game assisted by universal intelligence supporting us to come home.

We experience myriad of life forms and then thousands of human incarnations. During these lifetimes the illusion draws us in – pulls our attention to the multifarious and wonderful spectacles on the planet. Our meaning for life and our desires change as we grow. When desires are fulfilled the satisfaction is often fleeting – the primal wound of separation unable to be ultimately filled with outer fodder.

This pull of attention is a sub-conscious urge to fill the hole – created by our sense of separation. Ocean forming into a drop and playing the game in ignorance of its vastness its connection – its greatness – for the most part forgetting its ocean hood.

Identifying as the separate ego creates a sense of lack that we attempt to appease with a variety of means – food, sex, substances, shopping – an endless list of desires present. That motorbike, those shoes, that car etc…

This seeking for wholeness through outside means continues until finally one lifetime it ceases. A call from the inside, a realisation a surrender to the inner SELF – this will ultimately consume the separate ego identity and put an end to psychological suffering. That motorbike, those shoes may still be enjoyed but they are not necessary for fulfillment. Fulfillment bubbles up from an inexhaustible wellspring within.

The meaning in my own life here now is to respond naturally, to enjoy my divinity and my humanity. Heaven on earth – a state of being. To savour the sight of the moon, the cuddle of my grandson, the healing connection with a client. To chop wood and carry water – to share life on this magnificent planet in this unbelievably beautiful cosmos. To be both human and divine – to be both empty and full – to be both the absolute and the relative – the magnificent paradox of awakened life.


~Tree has always had a strong connection with the natural world. She trained as a potter, worked as a biodynamic farmer and raised two children. In her late 40’s she went on an extensive healing journey, looking within, recovering from trauma, physical pain and chronic fatigue – culminating in a spiritual emergence. After integrating this and other awakenings she was compelled to share the techniques involved in her own healing – awakening journey.

Tree lives at Meher Farm, in the hinterland on the Far South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, where she has created a healing centre called Awakening Through The Body. She works as a Certified Global TRE® Instructor and practicing Shaman – supporting people to come home to their true nature – one of inner peace. She runs classes, sessions and workshops. It is her joy to assist people on their healing journey – realising their potential for release, healing and wholeness. She is of the belief that healing trauma can precipitate spiritual awakening and it is from this precept she works. She works with the body releasing contraction and with the nervous system establishing balance with the understanding that a disregulated nervous system can hold the beingness hostage.

Tree has written a book called Hot Flush Dark Cave describing her healing journey – the birth of a shaman. She has appeared on Buddha at the Gas Pump a program for spiritually awakening people. She is a member of the ASI – Association for Spiritual Integrity.

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