Swami Khecarantha: On the Purpose of Life

ParaPuja6 (1).jpgExcellence Reporter: Swami Khecarantha, what is the meaning, or the purpose of life?

Swami Khecarantha: The purpose of life is to discover the ultimate truth, that God dwells within you as your Self. It is the direct experience that all of life is simply One Thing, beyond all duality—beyond the fundamental misunderstanding that we are separate from Divinity.

This is not just philosophy or theory. It is our fortune that we are blessed with the possibility of realizing this truth, but in order to live in that state of awareness, we must work to transform our consciousness.

I believe that engaging in an authentic spiritual practice (which includes having a teacher to provide guidance) is essential for any individual who wishes to know the highest in themselves. It takes dedication to doing a practice with depth, over many years, to transform our awareness from the mundane level to that of the Divine, but the reward is tremendous.

We have the power to create our lives, right down to every moment and every experience in it. We get to choose whether we live in the unconditional joy of freedom or in the pain and suffering of not knowing we are one with God. If we are very clear about what we want in our life and continually focus our life force toward that profound inner transformation, we can achieve it.

It is every human being’s right to have that experience, and my advice is to choose the highest in life. Choose to live in the experience of freedom, pure joy, and unconditional love.


~Swami Khecarantha is the leader of Heart of Consciousness, a spiritual practice based in Berkeley, California. With a mastery etched from almost fifty years of disciplined inner practice and selfless service, he is an authentic adept of Kundalini Sadhana in the Lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda and Swami Rudrananda.

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