Hans Wilhelm: Why Are We Here on Earth?

Hans Wilhelm.jpgExcellence Reporter: Hans, what is the meaning of life?

Hans Wilhelm: I once found this poem on a Starbuck coffee cup that explains the meaning of our life perfectly:

Life is a school for angels.
Love is the teacher, so you do your homework without fear.
Death is merely graduation.

This is absolutely true: We are all angels in disguise. We all have once been these perfect divine angelic beings and it is now our job here on Earth to return back to our original state of bliss and perfection. Life – or Love – gave us the unique opportunity to spend a short time in this amazing school of planet Earth to overcome all our karmic burdens. Many of us need to come here several times to achieve our goal. Unfortunately, Christ’s teaching of reincarnation and our soul burden (karma) was suppressed by the church organizations.

Once we understand that our present life is not the only life that we will ever have and that our existence continues after our physical death, the meaning of our life will no longer be a mystery.

Many people are not yet familiar with the spiritual laws and concepts that govern our universe – whether we believe in them or not. Therefore, a few years ago I have started to use my writing and illustrating talents and explain these laws in short and free videos on Youtube. Here is the channel link


~Hans Wilhelm is a mystic, illustrator and author of over 200 books that have sold over 40 million copies in 30 languages. His website is and his short videos are available at and on Youtube.

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