Keith Sherwood: The Meaning of Life… becoming love, truth and freedom

KeithExcellence Reporter: Mr. Sherwood, what is the meaning of life?

Keith Sherwood: It’s a common belief that life in all its forms emerged from an inanimate, four – dimensional universe composed of matter, energy and time space. But to the adept everything that exists emerged from life itself. This means that all human beings are eternal beings, who have existed in one form or another from everlasting to everlasting. As eternal beings humans exist outside four dimensional time – space, as well as within it – which explains why we can communicate with one another telepathically, see the future, heal the sick – and as enlightened beings collectively experience eternal bliss.

To a person who has recognized this truth the question, “What is the meaning of life” has no meaningful answer because such a person knows that s-he isn’t a divided being subject to the limitations of an ‘apparently’ material universe. S-he also knows that only a small part of her-his essential being has descended into time – space and functions within it.

Such a person never loses sight of the ultimate truth, which has become an essential part of their identity; that existence itself is the meaning of life. That is why s-he would never wonder about the meaning of life. S-he would recognize that a more meaningful question would be “What is the purpose of life”? A person who lives both inside and outside time – space and consciously receives their benefits would know the answer to this question. S-he would know that the purpose of life is to live within dharma.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that has been defined, as duty or purpose. But it is much more than that. Dharma is a way of life because to live one’s dharma one must always do what is appropriate on all levels of body, soul and spirit. By doing what is appropriate one will stay centered in Atman (bliss), and energy with universal qualities (prana, chi), will radiate through their body, soul and spirit without restriction. The universe will support such a person because all that they are and do will be in union with the universal plan, what the Taoists call the Tao or the way.

The purpose of life for such a person becomes a way of life because s-he has become love, truth and freedom. And within each action, activity or interaction the meaning of life is expressed to its fullness.

In addition meaning implies understanding – and to the adept there can be no understanding because everything is constantly changing. This means that the adept cannot divide themselves and the world into the knower, knowledge and the field of knowledge. Rather like Krishna stated in the Bhagavad Gita; to the enlightened adept knower, knowledge and the field of knowledge have become one, which means they have become the meaning of life.


~Keith Sherwood is the author of nine books that have appeared in more than 24 languages. For more than thirty years he has worked with people who’ve made Self realization their highest priority. His unique ability to experience subtle fields of energy and consciousness – and the techniques he has developed to release blockages – have helped people to overcome the limits of karma and culture – and  to experience union with Universal Consciousness.

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