Sarah Varcas: The Meaning of Life is a Mystery To Me…

Sarah Varcas 211117 3Excellence Reporter: Sarah, what is the meaning of life?

Sarah Varcas: The meaning of life is a mystery to me and I hope it stays that way!

Perhaps this mystery is the deepest meaning?

Life is an unanswered question, a suspended chord; to be lived, not solved; experienced, not mastered. And in this living perhaps we find our own meaning, nestled at the heart of the mystery.

Or maybe not.

We walk our own path, live our own life, discern our own meaning from out of the mystery. But it remains mysterious nonetheless, rich with possibility and replete with potential.



~Sarah Varcas is an astrologer. She draws upon thirteen years’ experience of working in the mental health field specialising in psycho-dynamic approaches, combined with engagement in a wide variety of spiritual traditions and a life-long love of astrology.

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