Miti Desai: LIFE – A design that reveals itself through LIVING it

MITI PIC 1 2Excellence Reporter: Miti, what is the meaning of life?

Miti Desai: Life is Breath…Life is an Opportunity…Life is a Journey – to love, to explore, to engage, to pierce deep into ones own Self. Though, LIFE is also Independent Of; and sometimes, life in itself holds no meaning till we give it meaning.

Life is a Design. And Design cannot be diagnosed and nailed down into just one definition. Rather, Design is experienced, explored and experimented with. Limitless in its being, it is a domain constantly investigated in every emergence through which it reveals itself.

The Design of Life – is what emerges when you go beyond the meaning of life, to living it.

As I travel deeper through the design of life, I am beginning to realise the significance of living (the process) verses reaching any destination (the outcome). A Process is the basis of all manifestations. Because of its remarkable nature it does not fade in time. It makes us human and thus alive. And I have come to realise, that being alive to life is living.

A focus on the living, rather than reaching any destination; gives me an opportunity to mature and grow. Thus living is a vital element for me to build my individual bank of experiences, which in turn leads to creative enrichment and engagement with the form and thought of life. And ultimately a deep exploration of living is intrinsic to an effective life.

Though…in this realm of the so-called living what often gets missed out are the Pauses.

These can be characterised as a form of Generative Inactivity. Generative Inactivity to me is a slowing down towards a glorious silence; which is coupled with deep awareness; piercing into the study of one’s Self. This generative inactivity (pauses) is the centre of my existence. I feel it is a vital element for me to find equilibrium within myself and through that the living reveals itself.

On the other hand of Generative Inactivity is Productive Activity. Generative Inactivity & Productive Activity essentially facilitates each other. The constant, simultaneous, alternative or interspersed engagement in both these aspects; is an essential ingredient that completes the circuit of living.

As I travel through the journey of life and living, there is one more factor that is vital: The Focus.

The focus is the intention that pervades in all actions. I try and make a conscious effort that living is coupled with abundance of love, with a yearning to soar, with intermittent pauses, with a passion to express and most importantly a deep surrender to the source for the gift of life and the opportunity to live.

Life to me is that, which is dedicated to individual growth and investigation through dependence, interdependence and independence all at once. It is an opportunity with tremendous potential to serve as a medium; to realize ones dreams, aspirations and most significantly – The Self.


~Miti Desai, Designer, Classical Dancer & Educationist. Founder & Creative Head at Miti Design Lab.

Communication through the external medium of graphic design led Miti to an internal expression of body design, rediscovering Classical Indian Dance. Indian Dance has been the key to the artist’s return to her cultural roots, symbols and world-view resulting in an innate understanding of culture, aesthetics and its influence and inspiration in design, education, arts & the environment. The study of culture and the art form, have given Life to an inner journey, which is innate to her artistic practice and living.

Miti engages in bringing the sense of design into her own body on the one hand, and towards extending it to the environment on the other.

Miti is also the Executive Trustee of Shaktiyogashrama Gurukulam; a space dedicated to the practice and study of traditional Indian arts and sciences. /

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