Tim Link: What is the Meaning of Life?


Oh, yes, the age-old question that haunts us on a daily basis. What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? Do I have a purpose, and if so, what is that purpose? 

We have all pondered this question and continue to search for the answer far and wide. We often go on religious, spiritual or shamanic journeys in an attempt to find the answer. We seek the advice of the elderly who have lived long enough to have seen it all. We seek the advice of scholars, teachers and enlightened masters. We read “new age” and “self-help” books to try to figure it all out. However, for most of us, including the so-called experts, it continues to be an elusive and sometimes futile journey. 

We are all taught by our parents to study diligently in school, get good grades, graduate, get a good job and work hard to “make it” in this world. We try to follow their direction, go to school, get the good grades, the good job, work hard, start a family and climb the corporate ladder. However, somewhere near the top of the ladder we stop and ask ourselves the burning questions, “Is this it?” “Is this all there is to life?” 

We spend a good portion of our life pondering these questions. For some, we spend most of our life and perhaps thousands of dollars in therapy in order to attempt to understand just a small sliver of what it is all about. 

We all have a purpose in life. Every living being, human or animal, selects a body or host when we come into this world. We are here to fulfill a specific purpose in this life. Some are teachers and some are healers. Some are caretakers and some need to be taken care of. Some are leaders and some are followers. Whatever the purpose is, no matter how grandiose or simple it may seem, we are all here for a purpose. Trying to figure out that purpose seems to be the most challenging thing for most of us. We always think the answers are somewhere outside of ourselves or that someone else has all the answers. When in truth, the answer lies within each of us. The answers have been with us all along. We just need to slow down, breathe and let it flow. 

I do believe animals have the best grasp on the real meaning of life. They understand their purpose and try to fulfill their purpose each and every day. They work diligently and are always willing to share their purpose with us. They fulfill that purpose until they feel they have completed their purpose or their bodies no longer will support them and they move on. 

Animals are just like their human companions. Some our teachers and some are healers. Some are caretakers and some need to be taken care of. Some are leaders and some are followers. The only difference is that they apply themselves to fulfilling their purpose every day and try not to let anyone or anything detour them from it. 

The biggest example of this is an animal’s ability to provide unconditional love. They are always willing to provide love to their human companions and those around them. No matter their past, they live in the present and realize that unconditional love is the reason we are all here. Without unconditional love none of us can realize, let alone fulfill, our own life’s purpose. 

So, at the end of the day we should all be asking ourselves, “What is the meaning of life?” The answer should come through loud and clear. It is unconditional love for everyone and everything around us. Unconditional love is the answer. 


~Tim Link
– is the best-selling author of Talking with Dogs and Cats and Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has a Tale
– is the host of the Animal Writes show on Pet Life Radio and iHeartRadio
– is a regular contributing writer for Victoria Stilwell’s Positively, Species Link and Dogster and Catster magazines
– has been featured in publications including The Associated Press, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, People magazine’s People Pets, Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop magazine
– has been a featured guest on many radio stations including WSB, NPR, Sirius XM Shirley MacLaine’s “Independent Expression” show
– has appeared on every major US Network
– has professionally recorded several audio meditations and audio workshops that are available through iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby

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  1. Don’t waste your $175 with this guy. He’ll send you some bullet points of items (I see flowers) that are found almost anywhere and a map that is worthless. It’s obvious he isn’t very accurate. (I had a verified sighting at the same time and day I received his map that was over 6 miles away). He’s arrogant and forget about a free follow up. Go to his competition. You’ll get results and she provides complimentary follow ups to recover your pet.


  2. What a beautiful article Tim! Because our pets give us such unconditional love, it’s devastating when they disappear or pass. The disappearance of my Two-Go has been unbearable. He was my most precious boy. There’s not a day in the past seven months that I haven’t grieved his absence. Do you have any advise on getting over the loss of a beloved pet?


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