Katie Weatherup: What is the Meaning of Life?

Katie6As a shamanic practitioner of 18 years, this is a question that weaves through my work. My core practice is something called “Soul Retrieval” that involves retrieving vital energy that has become separated or unavailable and restoring it to my client. One of my most asked questions is one of “soul purpose” and these intimate views into people’s essences have given me a fair bit to say on the subject.

What I think most people fail to understand about the meaning of life is that while there are certainly souls who come in with a concrete desire to do something measurable by human standards, for most, soul purpose is about a personal journey or being expression rather than doing something. In a society that values accomplishment and productivity far above stillness and presence, the lens for understanding meaning of life is often distorted by the learned value on measurable, quantifiable results.

My consider opinion is that the map for meaning of life is best found within, when sufficient inner quiet has been achieved to hear what is subtle and true for you. Shamanism is best applied for seekers of subjective or personal truth, rather than objective, universal answers.

While the offer I describe is complete, I offer a summary of how to engage with soul purpose from an energetic perspective in this YouTube video.

In seeking meaning in life, asking the question of what circumstances allow you to be the best version of yourself is helpful. While some people enjoy the challenge of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes for fun, I’ve found that the tale of the hero’s journey is not, perhaps, the best mythology when applied to personal growth and self-actualization.

The more I seek grace, ease, compassion, and presence as opposed to an adversarial relationship to the internal or external world, the more choice, joy, freedom, and meaning I find in my life.


~Katie Weatherup
A former mechanical engineer with over eighteen years of experience as a shamanic practitioner, Katie Weatherup offers effective solutions for thriving in the modern world. Katie offers soul retrieval, shamanic healing and shamanic training, including a monthly $5 Shamanic Illumination Healing. Katie writes: “My commitment to healing work is part of my deep commitment to my own growth and healing. As a former mechanical engineer, I have always understood the necessity of system integrity. The human spirit is a highly complex system, which can break down in complex and subtle ways. Much of my shamanic work is oriented towards wholeness. I help people find their way back to themselves, all the parts they’ve lost, forgotten, denied and disowned.”

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