Steve Chandler: The Meaning of Life… unlimited divine creativity

StevePhoto-BW2Excellence Reporter: Steve, what is the meaning of life?

Steve Chandler: The first word that comes to my mind when you ask “What is the meaning of life?” is “creativity.” Pure, loving, and infinite creativity. It’s our natural, inherent state of being…and not a static state, but rather a flourishing… an active energetic flowing.

That unlimited divine creativity allows us to create “the meaning” of everything through freedom of thought. So if a client or customer chooses not to use my service or product, I can make that mean “rejection” if I so choose, and especially if that’s how society, or my community or culture has taught me to label a “no.” But creative freedom also allows me to make the “no” mean “not quite ready” and it allows me to make the talk I had with that person mean “we’ve started a relationship” instead of making it mean “I just had a failed sales call.”

I can make my partner’s low mood mean “she doesn’t care for me or appreciate me” or I can just have it mean “she’s in a low mood and could use some space and understanding.”

So the meaning of life for me is that it has no meaning until I choose to create a meaning, and that meaning will always be what I say it means to me at any given moment.

The meaning of life for you will be what you have it mean.

Therefore it’s pure creative energy, and pure and open opportunity.


~Steve Chandler is a world-famous success coach to best-selling authors, public speakers, CEOs, media personalities, small business owners, university faculty and leaders, major account salespeople and the world’s top business and life coaches. He has worked with over thirty Fortune 500 companies and more than 600 other organizations. He is the founder of the Coaching Prosperity School (Advanced Client Systems) and the author of more than thirty books, including RIGHT NOW: Mastering the Beauty of the Present Moment and Crazy Good: A Book of CHOICES.

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