Dr. Saida Désilets: The Meaning of Life… a grand, delicious mystery

SaidaBio1Excellence Reporter: Dr. Désilets: what is the meaning of life?

Saida Désilets: Life is a mystery. A grand, delicious, at times horrifying, and often surprising, mystery.

What meaning can we give this mystery?

For me, life is less about figuring it all out and more about falling in love with the mystery: in a deep, profound, and ecstatic way.

Having faced my own death over three times already this lifetime and having had witnessed the passing of both people and animals, I’ve come to appreciate living.

Personally, I want to be able to look at death in the face and say: I did it! I lived as big and deep and fully as I possibly could! My song is fully sung. And then surrender to my last exhale.

Postponing living for a better day or circumstance feels like an impoverished way of living. I’d rather lean in and feel the edgy place of where what I know meets what I cannot fathom, even if it can, at times, feel terrifying.

We are alive, right now.

But are we living?

We are profoundly sensual beings, bio-engineered to receive life: all of life. We function optimally when we are in states of pleasure, therefore, I dare say, we are meant to be predominantly in those states. And, I’ll dare a little further to say that if we were to utilized our full sensual capacity, we’d be activating deeper and more fulfilling states of pleasure through simply the act of being alive and connected with life.

To me, the meaning of life is to fully live it, in it’s total spectrum.

To dare to discover what our deepest calling is and to bring it forth into the world, to make of our life a uniquely beautiful offering, not because of what it can do for us, but because without our genuine contribution of our inborn genius, we deprive life of one of it’s most exquisite expressions. And yes, this includes embracing our wounds for within them lie our greatest power.

Right now, while we lose ourselves in our have-to-get-this-done-now frenzy, life is happening.

In fact, life is never not happening. I remember thinking just that the moment after my grandfather passed, nothing stopped, no one else cared or noticed. It’s not cruel, it’s just part of the rhythm.

Life is calling to us, bringing us consistently to our own living edge, inviting us to crack open beyond our need to control everything and to surrender to the aching vulnerability that comes with being human.

I find this all so breath-taking.

We create what we believe and define.

We are the ones who give meaning to this journey. The question is not ‘what is the meaning of life’, but rather, ‘what is the meaning of my life in relation to life at large’? This is something each of us has control over​.​ ​S​o​,​ why not define it in such a way that soften us, enlivens us, inspires us and has us catch our breath from it’s very beauty?

Learning who we are outside of social mandates, marinating in our own essence, and bringing that forth with audacity is life’s ceaseless invitation.

Accepting this invitation seems to be an obvious breadcrumb in this grand scheme of this mysterious existence.


~Dr. Saida Désilets wants to live in a world filled with audacious, sexually sovereign women living life on their own terms.

As a thought-leader and body-philosopher, she’s has published several books: The Emergence of the Sensual Woman, The Illustrious Jade Egg, and Desire. Her innovative method has been featured in Dr. Christiane Northrup’s best selling books: Women’s Wisdom, Women’s Bodies and The Secret Pleasures of Menopause, as well as in Dr. Rachel Abrams books: Multi-Orgasmic Woman & BodyWise.

After two decades of dedicated, embodied professional practice, Saida is igniting a growing global community of daring women while leading year-long Ambassador trainings.

When she’s not dancing ​Cuban salsa with her husband, you can find her leading Wilderness Safari’s for women in South Africa or writing deliciously sensual poetry.

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