Ziad Masri: The Focal Point of Your Life Story

Profile PicYou have many dreams.

You have countless aspirations.

You want to live a life worth writing about. A beautiful story that captivates and endures.

Sometimes you feel that big success is the only thing worth writing about. That you have to go out and achieve big things and make a big impact on the world to have a truly captivating story.

But I’m here to remind you that there’s nothing more captivating than kindness.

Being kind — both to others and yourself — is not merely a small aspect of the overall story you write. It is the very essence of the story.

For how beautiful is a story that is devoid of consistent kindness? No matter how epic it is — no matter how successful and impactful — it lacks soul. It doesn’t touch the heart.

So my reminder to you is not only to be kind, but to make that the focal point of your life story. Make that the very theme and plot line.

Make it a story about kindness.

When you wake up in the morning, remind yourself that today is not about getting things done, and not about moving closer to your big achievements that will finally fulfill you, but about doing all of those things with an attitude of kindness.

This means that when you’re feeling stressed and worried about something, you notice the fear and have compassion for yourself. You welcome your need to control, and instead of judging it, you embrace it with love as you would a fearful child. For in this story, what matters is not the thing that you’re worried about, but how you treat yourself as you strive for it.

This means that when someone does something that you feel is hurting you, or impeding your ability to achieve what you want, you remember it’s more important to be kind than to forcefully get what you want. Whether that’s a parking spot when you’re rushed, or a promotion at work, you remember that the plot line of your story is all about living with maximum love and kindness, and that is the ultimate end in itself.

This doesn’t keep you from striving to reach goals. But now you do so with a sense of non-attachment. For the purpose is not in reaching them, but in embodying as much love, kindness, and compassion along the way.

And nothing that happens is more important than that.

You wrote the plot, remember?

You know that the very theme of this story is how kind and loving the main character remains no matter what seems to happen. So what could happen that is important enough to disregard that?

And do you know what’s ironic about this story? As soon as you make it about kindness instead of achievement, all those achievements suddenly start coming. For everything in this world is drawn to kindness.

And they come with ease, as you flow with the beautiful story line, without fighting and resisting each thing that occurs.

And when it’s all said and done, you have written a masterpiece. Each page is filled with kindness and love — and many interesting footnotes on success and achievement.

So go on. Write your story.

The world is waiting to read it.


~Ziad Masri is the author of Reality Unveiled: The Hidden Keys of Existence that will Transform Your Life (and the World). You can find his book on in Kindle, Paperback and Audio book.

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