Joel Solomon: The Meaning of Life… a Billionaire of Love?

Joel Solomon-L 2Life is a blessing with rich soil to grow every possible contribution we can make with our time and resources, for a good life for people close to us, in our ecosystems, and most of all, that people 500 years from now, have far better lives.


Life is an act of love.

Love is kindness, generosity, empathy, luminosity, and the longing for justice. It’s a golden rule. It’s awe of this garden of Eden, of the divine within all that exists. It’s devotion to the sacred, the profound, and the enlightenment of all beings.

We continually assess our abilities, passions, and effectiveness. We commit ourselves to service, satisfaction, and support of the whole. We commit to lifelong learning, especially in our inner skills. We absorb the teachings provided by natural systems. We draw on perennial wisdoms.

How may I be a “billionaire of good deeds”? Might I become a “Billionaire of Love”?

I must work daily to know what that means, to practice, to feel, to assess, to question, to have faith, and to see. I will fall many times. I will rise yet once more again. The most poignant gives us direction.

May we find joy and peace and satisfaction. May all beings thrive. May we live on in the effervescence of luminosity that grows richer and more nourishing, with each next moment of awareness.

May we FLOW ….. and GLOW.

Because it’s GAME TIME!



~Joel Solomon is the author of The Clean Money Revolution: Reinventing Power, Purpose, and Capitalism. He’s the Chairman of Renewal Funds, a $98 million mission venture capital firm. He has invested in over 100 early growth-stage companies in North America, delivering above market returns while catalyzing positive social and environmental change. 

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