Jenny Smedley: The Meaning of Life… breaking out of the box

2018Excellence Reporter: Jenny, what is the meaning of life?

Jenny Smedley: Life seems tough doesn’t it?

One of the reasons for this is that before we were born we had a master plan, a definite goal in this lifetime, and we were equipped to focus on it and hopefully achieve it. It’s something we subconsciously know we have to do, and it can vary from a great lifetime quest that will change the world, to creating a beautiful child, to something as simple as unfinished business that we want to complete this time.

The problem is that once we’re born, parents, peers, partners, teachers and bosses, change us. They don’t mean to cause a problem, but they do. They have our best interests at heart, or think they do. They encourage us to conform, to being what they think their child should be like, as kids to fit in with the ‘gang’, to be what schools see as socially acceptable, to be able to earn a living, and in order to mould us this way they need us to forget about our soul’s quest. To them at that time, the important thing is for us to find our ‘box’ and become happy within it.

The trouble with this is that we are literally made to forget our true selves, to detach mind from the spiritual, to leave the soul suffering from amnesia about what we came here to do. It becomes buried, the knowledge we once had rarely creeping into the conscious mind. We are reprogrammed to become as close as possible to the herd, to not investigate spiritual believes or modalities, not to make waves, to be afraid of who we really want to be. This can lead us towards dangerous confusion and even repressed anger, which takes us in diametrically opposite directions from that which we are meant to go in.

So to me the meaning of life, this one, previous ones, and future ones, is to break out of the box, find a way, our own way of bringing mind, body and spirit back together, to complete ourselves and make ourselves whole. To prepare ourselves to learn what we came here to learn and what we came here to achieve. This is the challenge.


~Jenny Smedley is an award-winning angel expert, angel artist, lyricist, qualified past life therapist, TV presenter and authorof 27 best-selling books. She’s appeared on over 400 radio and TV shows worldwide, talking about subjects such as past lives, reincarnation, pet souls, soul mates and angels. She has also appeared in most national daily newspaper in the UK and Ireland.

Jenny’s books have helped 1000s of people worldwide, and have been translated into over 20 languages.

Angels have been a huge part of Jenny’s life, ever since a life-changing angel visitation.

She feels very lucky to have been put onto her life path by an angel, and has been given gifts in order to help her achieve her role in this life.

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