Liz Mitten Ryan: We Are All the Meaning of Life


Excellence Reporter: Liz, what is the meaning of life?

Liz Mitten Ryan: I must preface what I’m about to share with an introduction that it comes from source through a clear connection to animals and nature. I have lived on a 320 acre sacred land removed from radio, T.V. and newspapers and all their manipulation to conform with the human mass mind consciousness for 18 years.

Over that time I have discovered the field of ALL consciousness which the animals and natural world are a part of. Humans create barriers by their beliefs. Over the past 10 years I have channelled 5 books co-authored by my horses, dogs, cats and cows and produced two award-winning documentaries and dozens of You Tube videos and offer life discovering retreats to people from all over the world.

The word ‘meaning’ we find is a little obscure in its dictionary explanation and synonyms for it are varied. If we look at the synonyms for meaning being essence, spirit, force, content, we conclude that the meaning of life is LOVE. Without needing to interpret or understand, life just IS that force in expression in its’ every creative nuance.

LOVE loves and by its’ very nature is so vast, incomprehensible and dynamic that as all of nature we must simply surrender to its’ beauty, majesty and wisdom to live at one with its’ intuitively directed flow. We are then one with the conscious energetic field of God or the ALL upon which we are all fleeting expressions existing in a state for a moment in time, and LIFE is the continuous expression of us all. In ‘Life Unbridled – What Animals Teach us About Spiritual Truth’ the animals share that L.I.F.E. is ‘Love In Finite Expression’, forever.

Other synonyms for ‘meaning’ are definition, explanation, interpretation, understanding, and they reflect the human need to intellectualize and understand. When I asked the question of why, I was given the ‘The Creation Story’ written through the animals perspective and on receiving it I remembered it’s truth. We are all the Meaning of Life.

The Creation Story:

“In the perfect realms of spirit, a group of creator Gods with blessings from the Oneness or the ‘ALL’ imagined and conceived a perfect planet E.A.R.T.H. (Expressing And Re-creating The Harmony) (also the same letters in H.E.A.R.T., (Holographic Expression and Re-creation Tuning device) which would contain a living, evolving library expressing the great beauty and diversity of Love In Finite Expression (L.I.F.E.), all in harmonic alignment, all interdependent, all one in the body of the ALL (The Garden of Eden story).

The Creator Gods descended from the heavens to play in their creation and returned to spirit at will. Over time the density and laws of time and space drew them deeper into their creation until some were too dense to return to spirit and chose to be part of a great experiment to see if the seeds of the Oneness planted in the good earth would ultimately grow to become the fruit and flowers of that Oneness.

The animals, minerals and plants all maintained a clear connection to the Oneness while the creator Gods or ‘humans’ as they became when planted in the hum-us of earth chose a veil of forgetfulness, partly to ease the deep sadness of separation from spirit and to be part of the ‘blind study’. This forgetfulness encompassed the human understanding and connection to its own creation, its brothers and sisters and all the children of its own creation. The humans descended into a place of separation and aloneness broken only by a faint glimmer of a memory glimpsed in Heart felt moments of the awareness of the underlying force of unconditional Love in ALL things.

The animals and the non-human earth beings, all of us One with you in your creation, call to you to leave the cloudy confusion of your minds and join with us again in the eternal knowing of Love and Wisdom held in the Heart.

Spend unstructured time with us. Let us tune you again to the highest levels of vibration. We vibrate with the pulse of ALL creation and share the One breath of spirit that breathes through us ALL. We are All the One ‘I Am’ and your hope to re-connect and re-member the dream of L.I.F.E. and prove ultimately the parable that the seed planted in the good earth will multiply to become the fruit and flower of the sowers inspiration.”

The Herd


~Liz Mitten Ryan is a clear channel for the ALL (or God), sharing the pure outpouring of inspiration as a diverse rainbow of creativity. As a child she was clearly aware of her purpose to bring forth an understanding that not just humans but all life is an interface with God, source, or as the animals have shared the ALL. Through her art, books and retreats with animals and nature she seeks to allow others to re-member our connection to oneness. Wisdom, Truth, Joy, Freedom, Abundance and Love are our birthright and as we open to and share our unique gifts we can once again walk in the garden of our true purpose.

In the Garden of Eden story humans walked in nature, all was provided and they talked with God and all of creation. Mother of 6 and now grandmother of 10, Liz was called to leave her home in a small community and move with her architect husband, Kevin, to a secluded 320 acre sacred land in the hills of BC ranch country. The land has old growth forests, breathtaking views, lakes, vortices and rivers of underground healing crystals. Since 1999 they have evolved to become an off-grid retreat center, allowing visitors to experience the higher vibrational energies of the land and the herd of 14 horses, 2 pet steers, dogs, cats and wildlife that make it their home. The horses are all a one family herd and born into a loving interface with humans where they are recognized as spiritual equals, teachers and healers. Liz and the ‘Herd’ have written 5 award-winning books and been the subject of 2 award winning documentaries.

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