Shakti Anand: The Meaning of Life… that’s beyond form, beyond senses, beyond mind

_MG_9162Excellence Reporter: Shakti Anand, what is the meaning of life?

Shakti Anand: This is one of those eternal questions which marries to the other eternal question with which it is linked, who am I ?

This question is asked from a logical frame of the mind to find meaning, what if we rephrase this to what is life? This enables a wider dimension of awareness perspective to respond. Since the answer is not a one size fits all and life cannot be an objective goal, that is the paradox of life, to answer this requires the self expansion of awareness in perspective that is beyond the mind and meaning. You see only the heart can answer in this wider aspect of awareness and here we are not speaking emotional we are speaking of a consciousness of energy that is innately in all life which is beyond the mind, a starting point for which one could ask what do you feel is life?

From this perspective there is the essence of life to experience its ‘fullness’ as life, one must flower to this level of expansion to experience the fullness as a flower blossoms so does life that is expanded in conscious awareness energy. So this in itself is the purpose of life to experience itself as the fullness in all of life which is a feeling and a heart expansive perspective of the wider term of ‘Love’ and recognition to the whole of life as a mirror to oneself. This is not a mechanical interpretation or a belief this is the experience of the expansion in conscious self and the force of centripetal and centrifugal occurring simultaneously, which arises from love and action occurring in life.

The kriya yoga is exactly that, having an action that is from an expanded conscious energy field. This is the basis of life — to experience itself as the self in all its beauty; it’s not to deny life or to run away, to see challenges and obstacles as tests to remold and expand our limitations, and view them as trainings that life offers us.

There is no better school than Life if we change our perspective to it as a seed, and the nature of that flower is our own self awareness evolution, and this will be determined by the exact amount of conscious awareness energy we bring to it, this is the practice of love and self recognition to yourself as the creator of all the events, all the people and all of your life circumstances, a self responsibility that is not of the mind but its innately life manifested through you not outside of you.

Live life in loving truth, expanded consciousness, and blissful joy; this is sanskrit ‘sat chit anand’. This term is itself giving you the basis of life and its process from loving truth to expanded consciousness to blissful joy.

The next question is how to live in loving truth when the thorns of life and trials arise? This is the sadhana/practices of tapasya/effort which kriya yoga teaches such that one arrives effortlessly to this state. This is a science based non cult non religious approach to living in peace and being fulfilled no matter what is going on. It’s not a dull existence, very much an existence for mankind to be in peak performance for the benefit of all not to the benefit of only me, which surfaces naturally in that very same recognition, ‘in you I see myself’ as the expanded awareness of conscious energy.

Sure there are traps along the way hence a guide is required; the term teacher/guru is necessary. The road requires courage and faith; without a teacher to emanate prod, pull, push it’s virtually impossible. That does not mean you have a co-dependency, on the contrary you are more empowered.

However with all the words, all the thinking, and all the feelings the meaning of life cannot be put in words; it’s beyond form, beyond senses, beyond mind, it’s the creators maya/illusion and its play is happening through the shakti energy, the very transcendence of maya /illusion is the aim and it can take an instant or many lifetimes to realise the true purpose of life. Each lifetime is giving you different lessons to evolve your conscious self awareness energy. Knowing what is this lifetime’s lessons is very clear to one who reads chakras energy as a gift/siddhi of the spiritual practices.

In our kriya yoga trainings we work to evolve the conscious self and to awaken and shift the lessons of this lifetime TO LIVE IN WHOLENESS and integrate ourselves as self realised beings having a FULL human experience this is life.


~Shakti Anand is the founder of Yoga I Am. Shakti created the kriya yoga programs and had them certified by the yoga alliance for a 200 hours certified teachers training and blends in lineage traidition of himalaya masters to western delivery and practical relevance to life. For those not wanting to be teachers she has created a self practice empowerment program. Her trainings are available part time in london, online, intense practice in ibiza and in india. There is a social enterprise model to help educate existing school teachers free to emanate this knowledge widely to schools through the shakti anand trust.

Shakti’s yoga training started from when she was born in India though she grew up in the UK. She commenced Yoga training within the Ashram in Kerala of Sivananda 19 years ago, but only out of passion for yoga, whilst continuing her corporate consultancy career in the city of London. Later she did Ashtanga with David Swenson and undertook further teachers training in Power yoga in India. Her meditation lineage has evolved over 16 years to no particular tradition, although leaning as a science form with sound and light known as kriya meditation. Email for further information.

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