Peter Smith: The Meaning of Life… and our hidden magnificence

Peter Smith head3Excellence Reporter: Peter, what is the meaning of life?

Peter Smith: This is a question that has been asked down through the ages so many times. It is a question about our very existence and the catalyst for the most incredible journey. I have witnessed first-hand the inner magnificence that we all carry hidden inside by uncovering the pure soul state of individuals.

Many years ago, I discovered the work of Dr. Michael Newton (1931-2016) and his best-selling books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. In summary, Michael had discovered a method of deep hypnosis that took his clients into the spiritual realm that we return to, after each incarnation. They spoke from a deep resonant wisdom as they lovingly talked about the human aspect of their being that they had incarnated as, offering insights into the purpose for this life and why they returned in this body. 7000 cases later, Michael founded The Newton Institute and the work has now become a global phenomenon as we continue to offer to people, what he discovered.

Though there is even more. As I started to explore some of the key aspects of our “Quantum Consciousness”, I discovered more about the multi-dimensional nature of our true state of being. My view of life is quite different to most people. I believe that our human body is simply a doorway to our greater magnificence. I have seen that we exist beyond time and space and that our consciousness exists in unison in many realities and dimensions. Some of the more recent theories and philosophies of Quantum Physics are started to align with this thinking also and it makes many of the old religious texts come to life as we read them again with new eyes.

Though there is one pure intention that brings us all together as humanity, into a sacred oneness. We have all chosen to incarnate on this planet at this time. My life’s work has shown me that souls are gathering here on Earth right now to bring about an evolution of consciousness like we have never seen before. These souls have gathered from all corners of the universe to bring diversity to the collective energy that is humanity. All of our individual and unique intentions to grow as souls through our present incarnations hold this grander design and collective intent.

This greater wisdom lies within us, often hidden but always there. As we grow through the challenges in our lives and the lessons we learn, we can pause and remember…that every moment of every day, our soul knows exactly what it is doing.


~Peter Smith has been president of The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives (LBL) Hypnotherapy since 2009. He has taught LBL practitioners in all corners of the world and in 2013 was awarded the Peggy Newton award for outstanding service to The Newton Institute. Peter also founded the Institute for Quantum Consciousness to bring key aspects of Quantum Physics and spirituality closer together. He is the author of a number of books and publications, the latest being “Quantum Consciousness – journey to other realms”.

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