Catherine Bell: Meaning of an Awakened Life

Catherine Bell head shot 2Excellence Reporter: Catherine, what is the meaning of life?

Catherine Bell: This is a profound confronting question. Philosophers, mystics, scientists, and sages have been examining this question for a very long time. Some might say it is to discover what the meaning of life is. And responses to this question are highly individual and to be considering individually yet, the meaning of life must connect us all. Truth lies in paradox.

Is the meaning of life experiencing the present moment?
Is it the joy of just being here?
Is it to relieve suffering?
Is it connection?
Is it the love of truth?
Is it to inquiry into our experience?
Is it self love?
Is it depth and meaning?

Perhaps it is all of these things.

For me the meaning of life is about a quality of attention in the present moment. And the meaning of an awakened life is when we embody our experiences and personalities to serve the full energy of our souls. When we are embodied, life is full of meaning and purpose. To ignite meaning we must inquire into our personal experience on many levels – our senses, our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions. The meaning of life is the quality of our moment by moment experiences.


~Catherine Bell is the author of the revolutionary business book, The Awakened Company. Her book was awarded the Nautilus Book Awards in the Business & Leadership category, a best seller one week after its release, a best seller on Amazon, and chosen as “8 of The Best Leadership Books of 2015.” The Awakened Company has been recognized as a top book combining business and mindfulness. Catherine has been published in Fortune, HBR, Profit, Conscious Company, Women of Influence and written for the UN.

Catherine founded BluEra, an executive search and team transformation company that was a Profit 500 company, a top 200 growing company in Canada and top 10 in Alberta, and was a best workplace. BluEra was purchased by DHR, one of the largest executive search firm in the world.

She has worked around the globe from the UK to Cuba and with Fortune 500 companies to serial entrepreneurs. Catherine has an MBA from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, a sociology degree from Western University, is certified in the Enneagram, and is a yoga instructor.

Catherine now consults all over the world on how to create Awakened Companies. The Awakened Company’s aim is to Awaken The Fire within Organizations with passion, purpose, and playfulness. #AwakenedCompany

She also started The Awakened Project, which ignites presence. She has created a jewellery line with a Canadian Artist that symbolizes awakening ourselves, relationships, teams, communities, and globe. The jewellery serves as a reminder we are in it together. 50% of the Awakened Project’s profits go to setting up a fund to help female entrepreneurs start their own business. #AwakenedProject

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