Pace Freeborn: The Meaning of Life and THAT Which We Are

_MG_0426Excellence Reporter: Pace, what is the meaning of life?

Pace Freeborn: Love, joy, happiness, trust, compassion, expansion, spiritual evolution… these are but I few things that rise within when thinking about the meaning of life. What more can there be to life than to be happy, to play and to laugh, to extend compassion to another, to serve and to evolve?

It’s so easy to get caught up on the things of the world and we lose sight of what really matters, and that is to come home to your Self, to find out that in the midst of chaos we are the One that is observing it all playing out before us, like a scene in a movie. We are the Impersonal Observer that is here to enjoy the smell of the freshly cut grass, the taste of grandma’s apple pie, the sight of the most majestic sunrise, the sound of the birds singing along with each other, and the feeling of the sand between our toes.

It’s to experience life. To experience the love of another and to experience the pain. It’s to dance all night long and to pursue our passions that rise from within. And it’s so expand and to evolve, coming home to the Impersonal Observer, the Source within, and to see that all along we are abiding in heaven, dancing with the angels and with all those that have come before us and those that have yet to come. It’s to experience our very nature, our Natural State of Being of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. And it is to offer up all of our resistance so that we may be THAT WHICH WE ARE, unmovable, unshakable, resting in All That Is.

Circumstances in life come and go. Lessons are learned and, through that, we expand into a fuller expression of our Truth. How beautiful it is to come to understand that each circumstance, every pain, hurt, rejection, joy, praise, blessings are all Grace; a most auspicious gift from God that is offered to us as a token along the path home, communicating to us that we are never alone. When we awaken to this we see that each moment of our lives, this one and the next, has been perfectly laid out, giving meaning to each moment, every minute of every day. And we come to see that our very existence is here, Now, and the only offering for us to give in our complete surrender to the Source of All That Is. In this, we see the sunrise, hear the birds sing, taste grandma’s apple pie, feel the sand between our toes, and smell the freshly cut grass as though for the first time, every time.

Oh, and one last thing! It’s to realize the miracle it is that you are alive! A spirit in human form that gets to experience all of this! Wow! Can there be any better that to simply be the Experiencer?

Ah! The meaning of life. Laughing. Dancing. Experiencing. Expanding. Evolving. Coming Home! Oh the joy in coming home!


~Pace Freeborn is a spiritual teacher, writer, and soon to be author on Inner Transformation & Awakening.

“Words cannot begin to describe the passion and love within. Nor can words adequately describe that which I AM. I am Life. I am Love. I am Light. I am that which you are. An extension of Source, a being of God. Some would call that a mystic. I call that Truth. 

The person, that’s Pace. They love nature, being surrounded by the beauty of Creation. They love hiking, biking, writing, sports (especially baseball), dancing, gardening, exercising, yoga, meditation, tattoos, and Netflix. And they love to inspire people to fall in love with their Soul.

If there would be a calling, a purpose, for their life it would be to reflect back to others the Truth of what they are. To point them to the Love, Joy, and Peace that is their Natural State of Being. And it is in that passion that they offer their life in service and in love to any and all that hunger for Truth.

Please click the link below to learn more about Pace, their awakening, and a little about how the pain from the past was the catalyst of Grace to launch them into the arms of their Inner Being.”

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