Brent Feinberg: The Meaning of Life as a Human Being

Brent FeinbergThe meaning or purpose of life as a human being is to realize our true-Self and in doing so create a life that expresses this in order to contribute to the greater order of nature and the universe. If we as humans reflect the harmony and order that lies within all things we will have meaning and feel fulfilled without a need to search for it.

As human beings we have two completely distinguishable parts. We have the Self that is unchanging, constant and ever present and we have the part that is continuously changing. The part that is continuously changing is comprised of our personality, the mind and the body. Our constant, unchanging Self, our true-Self is the pure awareness that observes the mind, body and personality. The Self experiences the world, the mind and body through the human nervous system.

We are not our mind or our body we are the pure awareness that sits beyond and watches these things. We can easily observe how through life and time the body changes, it is birthed it ages and it dies. We can see how from moment to moment the mind changes as our thoughts do but the pure awareness that is observing remains constant.

Our true-Self this pure awareness or highest form of consciousness is one with absolute being. Absolute being is the source of all things and is home to all the laws of nature. It is the field of all possibilities. This means that at the level of this awareness the Self is one with and is in coherence with the power of nature. Developing and evolving as human beings is all about allowing the Self to experience itself through bringing the mind to this level of awareness. Establishing the mind and body, the nervous system in pure consciousness we bring ourselves in harmony with all the laws of nature.

In nature we can see all the diverse expressions of creation, the many plants and animals and much more. We can see how beautiful these things are. We can also see if looking into nature and the universe how wonderfully ordered and organized everything thing is, from enormous galaxies to small atomic particles, how plants sustain themselves and how the environment thrives on its own. When an individual person brings their mind to be aligned to pure consciousness, true-Self and the laws of nature, that person naturally lives in accordance with the laws that govern the universe. They feel the support of nature. Their lives feel more fulfilled, they feel as if they have more meaning. The creations of the universe are beautifully diverse and the way in which each person will create in their life will be different, yet if established in pure consciousness they will create in a way that benefits their environment.

Attributes of pure consciousness are love, compassion and eternal joy. In love and compassion there is greater harmony and order. The purpose of the human race is to evolve to greater states of harmony, being able to reflect the true-Self in all that we do. When established in the joy of absolute being the meaning of life is known and the individual naturally will live out their purpose.


~Brent Feinberg, author of Freeing Freddie the Dreamweaver.
Instagram: @withlovefromfreddie

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