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Peter Dziuban: The Meaning of Life is ALIVE


Imagine a wine tasting party.

At a wine tasting, that’s what it’s all about—tasting.

There may be discussion, too, because with wine there is plenty to learn and talk about. There’s no end to what can be said about wine. Yet if all learned ideas were discussed—it wouldn’t begin to approach the taste of a single sip of wine.

It’s the same with Life.

What is learned or known may be wonderful—but that’s like standing on the outside looking in—once-removed, merely conceptual, and not actual Life.

So besides merely reading this, you’re invited to taste what it means to actually be Life, to live as Life’s aliveness, rather than knowing information about Life.

First of all, to be Life, doesn’t Life have to actually be alive? Doesn’t Life have to be vital, definitely “alive-ing”? Life is nothing if not alive.

Certainly one can say, “I am alive, I am conscious, right now.” Being quiet and still for a moment, you find you are experiencing a gentle feeling of simply being alive, or aliveness.

But what exactly is that? Not thoughts about this aliveness, but the “alive stuff” itself. It’s the “you” that is alive and present prior to thoughts arising. At this level, Life’s aliveness is only feel-able, alive-able—not think-able. Pause to experience this.

Notice that when consciously putting attention on this feeling of aliveness, it becomes a conscious aliveness.

When spirituality is somewhat “new,” the feeling of aliveness may seem ethereal or faint at first—like a soft whisper. What obscures aliveness is the tendency to focus on stimuli that cry out most for attention—visual sights, sounds, touches, thoughts and emotions.

It’s like a TV playing so loudly in a room, you can’t hear a soft whisper. The whisper is there, potentially perceptible, but seems covered over. If need be, just gently persist—without thinking—to consciously feel this gentle feeling of aliveness.

“Tuning in” as conscious aliveness, it becomes clear this alive presence is not something you personally are responsible for. You are not now personally causing aliveness to be present.

Who, as a thinker, knows how to think Life into being alive? Does anyone know how to make consciousness be conscious? Of course not.

It is Life itself that is “doing it,” or being this aliveness.

Pause and see if you can shut off conscious aliveness, or make it go away. You can’t, because it is Life itself, not “personal you,” that is being it.

Life’s alive presence is not just an idea or theory, not a belief of an author named Peter. Why? Theories and beliefs consist of thoughts. Your alive, aware presence is not something being thought—either by me or by you. It is purely alive.

Going over these very words, that process involves thinking. So it seems you are experiencing two things: 1) reading words and having thoughts about aliveness, and 2) being the actual wordless “alive-ing” itself. Both involve “you.”

Which are you, really?

You are conscious and alive. The words and thoughts are what you are conscious of. Words and thoughts by themselves never are conscious—only you are. So that’s what you really are, this pure consciousness—not unconscious words and thoughts about it. Huge difference. Thinking is a changing process. Aliveness is changeless Presence.

This experiencing of oneself as Life’s conscious aliveness itself, beyond being a mere thinker, yields many new insights.

Say the word “I” to yourself silently. Don’t voice I aloud. Let “I” be said silently within.

Let I keep repeating itself—very slowly and softly—“I,” “I,” “I,” until you clearly hear I within yourself. That which is saying I is like an “inner voice” and it’s invisible. This invisible I-voice obviously is not the same as a visible object, such as a body.

Here’s the key—do not first identify yourself as the visible body and assume it is the one now saying I. Start or identify directly as this invisible I-voice only. Deal only in terms of invisible I, all by itself alone.

“I” is not being said by a physical mouth or vocal chords, is it? It’s clear “I” is being said—but I is not heard by physical ears, is it? Can fingers touch I? No. Nor can I be tasted or smelled. I has nothing to do with the five physical senses.

Invisible I, by itself, is not a physical object with a form. I is invisible-ness only. So when saying “I am alive and conscious,” one cannot be referring to body, because visible body is not invisible I.

Where does your invisible I-voice “come from”? It seems to arise out of pure conscious awareness, which also is invisible.

Notice that there also is your consciousness of the I-voice, but which is not the same as the I-voice. The very voicing of I is still a kind of mental form. The conscious aliveness which gives rise to I is completely formless.

Conscious aliveness, in terms of itself alone, also has no solidity. If you could poke your finger into aliveness, you wouldn’t feel any thickness or density.

What about heaviness or weight? If anything, pure aliveness seems to be an incredible softness and lightness. Really notice, feel, this unspeakable lightness.

In the same way, aliveness has no physical dimensions–no length, width or height. Aliveness is undimensional. But it is a conscious, alive, undimensional.

If one were to ask, “What is I ‘made of’?” this I-voice seems similar to a thought. It seems to come and go. It’s temporary. It arises from pure conscious aliveness, then dissolves back into it.

What remains when “I” is not voiced ?

There is silence, stillness.

But it definitely is not deadness or nothingness because you remain, very much alive and aware.

There is just a clean inner quiet, a pure stillness—a wide open emptiness or spaciousness that is silently alive. This proves you are something far beyond the I-voice, because even when “I” is absent, you are present and alive.

Not only is your aliveness without physical limits. Pure aliveness itself has no mental limits or conditioning either.

This is actual Life itself, the real You.

At any and every moment, it’s possible to live a completely brand new Life.

Simply don’t assume you are limited to a visible, weighty, 3-dimensional body.

Experience your actual Life—as weightless, borderless, infinite aliveness.

What it really means to be the Life you are, is to be alive as invisible infinity.

Do you realize that, as pure invisibility, you are absolutely flawless? As this lightness of pure awareness, you are forever without baggage—none physical, mental or emotional.

It’s not necessary to “hold onto” this effortlessly alive consciousness. Rather, it simply can’t and won’t go away. It never leaves because it is Life itself.

Feel again how un-dense and un-tense, how gently soft and light, your invisible alive Presence is.

A few moments spent being silently alive as pure, gentle conscious aliveness alone, is worth more than a month spent verbally describing it.

Notice again how there is no end to your softness-with-no-ceiling-or-floor, your weightless ease.

Your Life is a perpetual fountain of gently alive peace that never runs dry. Relax and luxuriate in your exquisite never-runs-out-ness.

This is Life’s meaning—to forever be alive as the never-ending-ness of itself.


~Peter Francis Dziuban (pronounced Joobin) is a writer and lecturer on Consciousness and spirituality.  He has authored two books:  Consciousness Is All – Now Life Is Completely New; and Simply Notice – Clear Awareness Is the Key to Happiness, Love and Freedom.

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