Lyn Hunstad: The Meaning of Life and the Evolution of All Things

Lyn 2016 Jan-10eExcellence Reporter: Lyn, what is the meaning of life?

Lyn Hunstad: The question assumes that there is a meaning to life and that it might be found and understood by our human minds, and maybe then everything would be OK. Those are big assumptions and I do not know a way to definitely prove them true or false.

I think a more important question is “What is the meaning of my life?” This is a question all of us have to come to terms with, even if it is avoiding the question all together. To find the meaning of your life, look to your strongest passion. That desire that is underneath all other desires. For me, that desire is to know Truth, the ultimate truth. In Sanskrit it is called “Sat”.

Even as a very young child I remember trying to figure it all out. And, how it felt like that no one seemed to know or care. Gradually it became more important to just fit in and get by and not get hurt. But eventually I got good enough at getting by and not getting hurt. As I got a bit older I started looking deeper, looking into what the sciences had to offer. Only to find that what was considered as truth by any give branch of science kept on changing over time. The only area of study that did not have a constantly changing view of the deepest truth was mathematics. In theory pure mathematics claims no relationship to the physical world, yet there are countless applications of mathematics in every science. The possible applications of mathematics in science are every changing, yet the underlying mathematical principles never change.

I dove into mathematics and logic until I realized that there are certain things beyond the intellect. Things that no matter how much you think, research and analyze, are just not comprehendible by the human mind. Things that need to be directly experienced. This led me to a variety of practices aimed at quieting the mind and simply resting as awareness, directly experiencing instead of thinking.

Ultimately, direct experience deepens to the point of dissolving the distinction between the experiencer and that which is experienced. A Oneness or non-dual experience. In this state all questions fall away and there is simply beingness.

However, one thing I have observed over time is that things tend to grow and evolve. Even at the level of gross matter, at the beginning of the universe the theory is that the first atoms to exit were hydrogen, one electron, one proton. Over time, through being recycled through repeated suns/stars these atoms evolve to get more and more complex.

Also, when organic life starts it is believed that the simplest of virus/bacteria come first, then plants, then gradually higher life forms: insects, birds & fish, mammals, and then human beings. Life forms are continually growing and evolving. Humans posses the capability to experience the Source of everything, and in experiencing Source, merge, if only momentarily, with it and transcend their humanness.

Could growth and evolution be the purpose of Life? That appears to be what is happening.

If growth and evolution is your aim, the question arises as to the most effective way of facilitating it. This is where the concept of cross training is useful. If you are curious about this, you may enjoy reading my paper on Spiritual Cross Training, available here.


~Lyn Hunstad is a guide and therapist. He worked as a research scientist for 25 years while at the same time devoting several hours each morning to meditation and sadhana practices. For the past 15 years his work has focused on supporting other to directly experience their authentic divinity and absolute freedom.

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