Patty de Llosa: What is the Meaning of Life?

Patty headshotWhere does life come from, where does it go when it disappears, and what is its meaning? Not only the physical life of birth and death, but the life energy that pulsates in us, and out of which we say, “I feel good.” Or that eludes us when we complain “I feel sooooo tired!” Energy fires us up every morning, to a greater or lesser degree, no matter how tired we were the night before, allowing us to sympathize, love or create with all our juices.

Aware of it or not, our state of energy—the quality of our secret inner love affair with each moment—determines how we feel. It offers us the richness of days and hours, the nourishment to feel good, to decide, accept, and refuse. When we choose to be present to life, accepting ourselves as we are, here and now, life takes on meaning.

Yoga master Patanjali said: “All of life is but a mirror in which the soul learns to know its own face.” Not some other face I create with smiles and magic potions, or the face of some person I work hard to be. As we realize this, we begin to listen to what life has been trying to teach us all along: the importance of being who we are, where we are and what we are. Bless the uncomfortable doubt in each of us that rubs against our lives like an emery board, smoothing the rough edges of the demanding ego.

Who am I indeed? To find meaning, look into life’s mirror with all the courage you can muster, drawing back from the tendency to want to be what you are not. Watch the transformation of a seed or embryo into an essential self. Turn from that eager, anxious attitude of “How’m I doin’?” and start saying “Here I am” to others and to life.


~Patty de Llosa, author of The Practice of Presence, Taming Your Inner Tyrant, and Finding Time for Your Self, as well as co-editor of Walking the Tightrope: The Jung-Nietzsche Seminars as Taught by Marion Woodman, is a consulting editor of Parabola Magazine and also enjoys volunteer-editing for the Daily Good. She has studied many spiritual teachings while she made her living as a mainstream journalist at TimeLeisure and Fortune and raised a family. She is a life coach and teaches Tai Chi and the Alexander Technique in New York City.

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