Master Francisco Quintero: The Meaning of Life: Open Your Heart and Soul to Joy

MFQThe key to experiencing the meaning of life is to open your heart and soul to joy and to serving others with unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion. When we connect with our souls, we see clearly that we are on both a physical and spiritual journey. By cultivating unconditional love and forgiveness in our souls, we become more able to love and appreciate other human beings and all of life.

Everyone has a soul and we all can develop our abilities to listen and to be guided by the wisdom of our souls. Our souls have knowledge, preferences, and desires. Through my experiences of the teachings of my spiritual teacher Master Zhi Gang Sha, I have been able to fulfill my soul’s desire to open my heart and greatly expand my ability to forgive and to love. When we raise our awareness through listening to our souls, we can remove internal conflicts that may be blocking us to realizing our true potential and purpose in life. Our souls lead our hearts, our hearts lead our minds, our minds lead our qi (life force or energy), and our qi leads matter. We can bring these into oneness and harmony and find an inner peace that will help us to find our true purpose.

Unconditional love means we need to love and accept ourselves with all our strengths and weaknesses. We can communicate this love on a soul level with other souls. Through soul-to-soul communication, we can express unconditional love and forgiveness to others, and we can ask for forgiveness for anything we or our ancestors may have done to cause others harm. The practice of this universal acceptance, love, and forgiveness clears our spiritual path so we can find more meaning and joy in life. We become more able to embrace our strengths and to overcome our weaknesses.

During our physical and spiritual journeys we often encounter great obstacles. These are some of our best opportunities for learning and changing in ways that will ultimately help us. Overcoming challenges gives us the chance to bring out our best qualities, to grow spiritually, and to feel closer to the Divine in the universe. The key is to be grateful for everything in life and to discover the spiritual lesson in whatever happens.

Living with this consciousness of our soul and spiritual journey and trying to make others happier and healthier through our thoughts, words, and actions is the purpose of life. I have found my personal purpose through teaching spiritual wisdom and practices and training teachers who can spread these teachings worldwide. We all can find different ways to serve others, to add to our virtue, and to find meaning in life. If you learn to listen to your soul, you will be guided to the best way you can serve with unconditional love.

As a teacher, I help students acquire spiritual knowledge, overcome life challenges, and develop a daily practice expressing unconditional gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, and love. With discipline and dedication, these practices bring true happiness and joy and connect us with the blessings that allow us to be grateful in every moment for the gift of life and love.


~Master Francisco Quintero is a Certified Master Teacher, trained by renowned spiritual teacher and humanitarian Master Zhi Gang Sha, and the author of Divine Joy: How to Find Joy in Daily Life. A leading teacher at the Tao Academy, he has developed training programs worldwide. With his expertise, wisdom, and knowledge, he has assisted in training over 1,000 soul practitioners and teachers around the world.

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  1. What a beautiful and transformative message! To open one’s heart and soul is truly key to experiencing the meaning of life. Such a clear explanation. If one’s heart and soul is closed then one cannot receive. If one cannot receive they cannot grow. If one cannot grow one cannot fulfill their life purpose. Incredible teaching. Thank you so much!


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