Venerable Lobsang Chunzom: The Meaning of Life and Taking Action With Love

Venerable Lobsang Chunzom-49I remember when the meaning of life meant something different to me than it does today. In many years from now, will this new understanding I have about life take on a new meaning? That’s the funny thing about life it changes from moment to moment, so even if I have found the true meaning of life will it remain relevant tomorrow?

“Cook it” in meditation, my teacher would say. On the morning of this day, meditation was interrupted by the mental list of my unfinished projects. This tells me it’s a good day to complete at least one of them! Still cooking it, I thought it would be cool to do the project that seemed most meaningful and would benefit the most people. Generally speaking, this is a good idea any day. But today I was excited to start planting good seeds in my mind that will flower into knowing the meaning of life always because of doing what is the most meaningful to another person’s life.

Getting ready to take on this important task, I made sure my bag was packed with all the necessary items to complete this project. Nothing would stand in my way, not today. I truly felt as I walked out the door, that my intention and commitment to doing what was most beneficial to others gave meaning to life today and in the days to come when the seeds flower.

For the most part, everything was coming together as the hours passed by, concentration good, and progress smooth until the phone rings. Glancing at the number, it was unfamiliar and I hesitated. However, I answered and stopped what I was doing to meet a friend. In brief, she was in great need, a person unsure about the meaning of life, and was thinking about ending her life. Without talking, I was an example of the meaning of life for my friend – take action with love, be happy to do good things for others, know and understand why such kindness gives meaning to life after life. I hope to never forget and to be ready to help someone have meaning to live.


~Venerable Lobsang Chunzom is a Buddhist nun and worldwide teacher of meditation and philosophy in the Je Tsongkapa Tibetan tradition. She is a licensed Creative Arts Therapist specializing in dance/movement therapy and founder of Limitless Health Institute. She completed a three-year solitary meditation retreat. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge and personal experience of meditation and movement, Venerable Chunzom is compiling written works to be published soon.

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