Sally Morningstar: What is the ‘ME’ ning of Life?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAExcellence Reporter: Sally, what is the meaning of life?

Sally Morningstar: The truth of the matter is that what comes will go, what rises will fall, what appears will disappear. All things of this world are impermanent; they will pass. To seek for the Meaning of Life from such impermanence is like asking eternity why it goes on forever.

No one answer will suffice when it rises from this impermanent place. Life here is temporary – as is any meaning invested in it; both begin and end with ‘me’. If it were suggested that the meaning of Life is to free oneself from the illusion of an individuated ‘you’ – could we understand that or even begin to accept it? Would we even want to consider how unconscious we can be?

We are creatures of ‘the mind’ whose mental screenings play out before us, life after life, all the manifestations we trust so wholeheartedly and follow so doggedly, including all our opinions, views and beliefs. Each and every ‘me’ on this planet will describe their Meaning of Life according to their particular construct of this ‘me’, hence my play on words about the ‘me’ ning of Life.

Until such time as we wake up to Truth, to the liberation of the Self, we are each trapped in an illusory mind web. Our journey will take us wherever it will, for as long as it takes whilst we gather bits of this and that along the way. Gradually we gain greater understanding and deeper insight until we are free of it all – including any desire to know the Meaning of Life, because at that point, everything is understood. In the meantime, it is probably a good idea to live each life with good will, good heart and good humour, just doing what needs to be done, and causing as little harm as possible as we go.

Ultimately each enquirer must find their own Meaning of Life, embracing wherever they find themselves with good grace, whilst doing their best to become conscious of a far greater reality. It could well be that in that greater reality, beyond all concepts of a ‘me’ and a ‘you’ that the Meaning of life begins and ends with an ‘I’!


~Sally Morningstar is author of several esoteric titles. She is also a photographer, a maker of things and a spiritual mentor to those who may find some value in what she has to share. She runs an international online distance learning course in Hedgewitchcraft & Natural Magic and is looking forward to the moment she understands why eternity goes on for a very, very long time!

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