Master Shi Yan Ti: The Meaning of Life… from NOTHING till the END


Excellence Reporter: Master Yan Ti, what is the meaning of life?

Master Shi Yan Ti: First of all thank you very much for giving me this question and I am very happy to have it and answer it in my way.

What is the meaning of the life? Simple question: the meaning of the life is ENJOYING. Yes, it’s enjoying and to enjoy.

When I saw this question and I understand that you don’t find your way or haven’t find your way, you are still searching your answer of your life, am I right?

So why I said the meaning of the life is enjoying and to enjoy? As you know or everybody knows that I am a shaolin monk, a FAMOUS shaolin monk that you can just type: Shi Yanti then you can find it online.

I would like to tell everyone I am just a normal person and simple person, I am an element of the world or nature, I am like YOU, we are the same, we have the same life. It doesn’t matter who you are, we are the same and have the same life.

Enjoying and to enjoy, how?

Ok, lets start from NOTHING till then END, here nothing is something, your parents met each other with love then nothing is changing and became something—YOU, when you are NOTHING you are love, then you changed and became one baby inside mums belly, at this moment you are enjoying, enjoy the life with mum together, maybe you don’t feel but you are enjoying. From the time of your birth you are going to enjoy the world, you start enjoying yourself, first enjoying the air, then enjoying crying, smelling, eating, hungry, angry etc., all the feelings that you have, you are enjoying that. While your are enjoying the time, you are growing and you are enjoying more, you start to search and want more, this is desire enjoying, when you have or don’t have, you are still ENJOYING, enjoying the life, later you understand more when you become older and older, you are still enjoying, enjoying the time for relaxing and enjoying the changing, then you are searching the meaning of your life, you don’t know for what you are here till the END.

We have to understand that this is life and simple life, we are part of the nature, just be part of the nature and enjoying your life, this is the answer: the meaning of the life

Thank you very much and hope you have enjoyed my words


~Master Shi Yan Ti is a 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk and direct disciple of Venerable Abbot Shi YongXin of the Songshan Shaolin Temple in China.

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