Shifu Michael Rinaldini on the Meaning of Life

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAExcellence Reporter: Shifu Rinaldini, what is the meaning of life?

Shifu Michael Rinaldini: As a Daoist priest, my concern about the Meaning of Life is the preciousness of life and how we, as a global society, are so reckless with it. Just look at the current state of affairs and you’ll see how we are basically destroying ourselves on multiple fronts, from politics to wars to poverty, crime, destruction of our environment and so on.

As a Daoist, I strive for living in a way which will align me with the higher principles, call it the Dao, the divine, whatever.

The Meaning of Life, for me is to return to a state of unity whereby when I make decisions, they contribute to harmony and peace for myself and humanity as a whole.


~Shifu Michael Rinaldini (Lichangdao), Abbot of the American Dragon Gate Lineage.

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