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Julie Daniluk: What is the Point of Living?

jd-2017-headshot-sunflowersExcellence Reporter: Julie, what is the meaning of life?

Julie Daniluk: What is the point of living? To use all of your senses to extract the full experience of being human. Because after we lose our life, we don’t have a body to see, hear, smell, touch or feel. So taste the best meal, watch the best sunset, listen to the best music, smell the best forest, and feel the best touch. We are here to collect these sense experiences to learn lessons.

The biggest lesson of all is the understanding that we are all connected. Let yourself be compassionate and passionate. To touch down with that connection while still in a singular body is comforting. To love and be loved is the ultimate goal but there is faith required in the exchange. We are created and returned to the source. The purpose of our constrained senses is to leap beyond our limitations to trust that the ultimate together is beyond the veil.

Happiness is found when you are not pursuing your desires, but instead allowing time to flow, washing over you and carrying away your concerns. To observe the present and let go of each second as fast as it comes. To see the passing of time as timeless.

Watch a baby being born to awaken a sense of awe! Watch a love one die in order to be grateful to everything you can think of. Our experiences crack us open to accept the briefness of existence. Listen closely to your heartbeat and gently remind yourself that it only gets so many beats. What will you let yourself experience that might make you skip a few?

The meaning of life is to live it with meaning. To be kind…even to yourself.


~Julie Daniluk is the bestselling author of Meals That Heal Inflammation / Slimming Meals That Heal & Hot Detox and co-host of the Healthy Gourmet show which is aired in 78 countries around the world. Share with Julie on Twitter: @juliedaniluk & Facebook: Julie Daniluk

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