Jacqueline Maria Longstaff: The Meaning of Life and the Deep Connection With the Heart

p1030203-4Excellence Reporter: Jacqueline, what is the meaning of life?

Jacqueline Maria Longstaff: I suggest that the meaning of life is to fulfil itself. When the time is right each one of us hears the call from deep within and then begins the inner journey. This journey begins as “my” search for meaning, “my” healing process, “my” transformation. It ends when the answer to “what is this me – who am I?” reveals itself and one sees through the illusion of separation. The pursuit of meaning and happiness then becomes the pursuit of joy, wisdom and well being for all.

Throughout my years of work with people I have found that one of the greatest stumbling blocks to realisation of the Truth of who we are is self judgement. I see that a deep connection with the heart is the solution to this as the heart does not judge, separate and label. The heart is acceptance.

I often say life happens whether you like it or not and awakening is not a cure for life! As each one of us comes deeper into the heart the simplicity and complexity of life is seen. We can then begin to relax into life as it manifests through us and around us. Dharma (the higher meaning or purpose of one’s life) unfolds naturally as the mind rests in the heart. If we are to project a meaning onto life, I would suggest that this could be it.


~Jacqueline Maria Longstaff from Denmark has Singing Heart ashram in south India near the sacred hill, Arunachala. Her awakening to Truth happrned many years ago and since then her teachings have inspired seekers throughout the world, bringing together the wisdom of east and west. Her special gift manifests through her voice and eyes as she is able to transmit a powerful energy that brings people deeply into the heart center. Jacqueline has written 6 books.

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