Wu Dang Chen: What is the Meaning of Life?

582128_631902263516892_715177843_nTraditional Chinese Daoism believes that the only purpose of life is joy and happiness. To achieve a happy and healthy life, Daoism uses the three treasures of the Dao: conscience, mercy and forgiveness. These are basic virtues unique to humanity to achieve a quality of healthy longevity.

As a human, there are two goals important to us: one is material accomplishment, the other is spiritual enlightenment. These two combine into a single unit like the Yin and Yang. When one cultivates virtue by practicing basic humanity on a daily basis, this helps make the person become a happy, spiritual being.

However, one has to also cultivate the quality of physical energy (Qi) and well-being by eating a healthy diet, practicing disciplined exercises, and regular meditation to produce a healthy physical condition which will enable this person to fully enjoy life, to provide the possibility of seeking meaningful enlightenment in this life’s journey. Someone who isn’t fit and considered a “couch potato” may not have the ability to run a marathon, yet he or she may feel or experience the enlightenment philosophically and psychologically.

Seeking harmony and balance between material and spiritual needs, one must maintain a disciplined lifestyle and cultivate physical and spiritual qualities in order to experience the quality of life. Thus, we believe through cultivation that one can achieve self-enlightenment first, then become a qualified and just leader in society and the world, and experience a fulfilled life with joy and happiness.


~Wu Dang Chen comes from a direct line of Wu Dang Daoist priests, a lineage that is over 700 years old and completely unbroken. At a young age he was chosen to study on Wu Dang Mountain, China, where wisdom passed down for thousands of years from one Daoist Priest to the next was imparted to him.

After intensive study, rigorous training, and meticulous application Wu Dang Chen was sent to the United States to share the ancient wisdom and healing arts of Daoism with the West.

Wu Dang Chen, a humble spiritual leader in the Daoist community and practical teacher of Daoist internal and external martial arts, leads by example. His gift for making Daoist thought accessible, his desire to share its message of peace and hope, and his open affection for his students have earned him a place as one of the most sought-after Daoist priests and tai chi masters in the West.

Wu Dang Chen is the owner and founder of Dao House, located 7.5 miles south of Estes Park, Colorado. He is also president and founder of the Daoist Association, USA, President of Chi for Longevity and President and founder of the Association for Chinese and American Enrichment, Inc., (aka the North American Wu Dang Taoist Association) a not-for-profit organization. He is the deputy director of the Sanfeng Friendship Association, based in Wu Dang, and is the official U.S. representative of Wu Dang for the Wu Dang Taoist Association.

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