Master Gilles Marin: The Meaning and the Tapestry of Life


Life is a miracle…  The meaning of life is to participate to its miracle.

No matter what your mind can tell you, your heart knows that you are born for a good reason, and that reason is good!

We all have a very important purpose to fulfill throughout our life. Our participation in life is indispensable to the whole of existence, like every single drop of water is indispensable to the whole ocean. There is no hole possible inside the ocean. Every drop is necessary.  The drop that evaporates will irremediably return there one day.

Our mind questions everything. The mind is curious so it can learn. It is its job to question.

To get answers we go through tribulations and life crisis… For that reason life is not easy for anyone. We all have to go through the growing pains required to attain a certain level of maturity and to expand this consciousness of ours in constant search of understanding.

But there is no limit to understanding, to know better, to see more clearly… Furthermore, life is not always understandable. Life is most often unpredictable and not rational.  Therefore, it is not meant to be understood.

Life is to be enjoyed to the highest level of appreciation. This appreciation and thankfulness turns what we have, no matter how little, into plenty.

Existence is a beautiful, colorful and exquisitely intricate three dimensional tapestry representing all of existence’s adventures, where every stitch is an event of life. Every single stitch holds the whole tapestry together and changes it with its different tone and motive, in every landscape possible.

As the whole universe expends with every existence, so does our consciousness. We are the universe.

The meaning of life is to share its enjoyment with the whole universe.


~Gilles Marin is the Founder and Director of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute and Taoist Healing Energetics in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a master practitioner and teacher of Chi Nei Tsang. CNT is applied Chi Kung abdominal massage which addresses issues with internal organs, emotional processing, and more. Gilles is also an author, meditation facilitator and amazing French chef!

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