Gyan Devi: The Meaning of Life and the Big Game of Karma

12193464_114232118940577_6282941781572739696_n-2Excellence Reporter: Hanna, what is the meaning of life?

Gyan Devi: The meaning of life is for everyone something else, mostly given by Lords of Karma according to the required experiences, development of soul. Whether we accept it or not, our bodies are tools, puppets for the development of the soul, souls.

We are connected to lots of other people and other living beings, meaning being connected to lots of other souls, an actor or even a victim in the big game of Karma. At the end of this development our soul can get free from it, getting moksha, going Home to God, submerging into Him.

I think for people the meaning of life should be to do good as much as possible, to be peaceful and tolerant. Not only for themselves and others, but for God. Trying to support and to help other souls in their path of development, to try not to harm or to harm as less as possible. Meaning not only to be peaceful and goodwilling to people but also to animals and as much as possible also to plants and environment.

All is creation of God, transformed parts of Him. Plants are on a low stage of consciousness but according to Srimad Bhagavatam 3.10.20. they are able of feelings, to feel pain. We have to eat something and we should therefore choose to be vegetarian or vegan, to harm the less we can. Jainism even avoid to harm living plants, eating fruits, seeds and not the living plant.

We always should be aware that in all living {and non living} beings the spark of God is present, making life possible, making the being functioning and managing it for a purpose only God knows exactly. All we are and all we do is given, we are influenced by spiritual entities serving God and karma. So if we choose good then the Good increases, if we choose bad, then the bad increases.

The meaning of life in the eyes of God is to “bread” spiritual entities and we are the actors of the game. To make them develop, grow from lower “vibration” to higher. Like a transformation from one end of the spectrum to the other. But there is no word or term in human languages or understanding to describe the purpose of creation in the eyes of God. Only He knows. After some time creation ceases, all God transformed from Himself into material {and serving Spiritual} world is transformed back into Him on a higher level. This is called destruction in the scriptures. Even time ceases, but some kind of time, Eternal Time remains and of course the Source, God. After an amount of Eternal Time creation starts again… and so on and so on…


~Gyan Devi, Hanna Abraham, was born in 1953 in Germany in a strict atheist communist family. Being raised as atheist and after a not too happy childhood she longed for knowing the reason for suffering, the meaning of life and its origin. She lived a quiet normal life until the age of forty, marriage, kids, working as a clerk, translater. After a hard time and Transcendental Meditation with Togi Maharishi Mahesh her life drastically changed for better and she not only started to believe in God and knowing that He exists. Outer life went on as normal and she is a retired grandma of 6 now.

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  1. I disagree with Gyan Devi. In my opinion, karma is a belief system. It does not concretely exist, and the same is true for all dualistic concepts, such as the progressive ‘development’ of individual, separate souls; the popular yet idolatrous notion of ‘consciousness’; the guilt and shame enhancing distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ things; the belief in the existence of separate moments and events; and the utterly self-defeating idea that we exist somehow separate from God. They are illusion, products of our imagination. Not the gnomes or the fairies generate and eliminate our thoughts and our fantasies for us. We do so ourselves!


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