Advaita / non-duality

Sri Ramakant Maharaj: The Meaning of Life and The Ultimate Reality

meaningExcellence Reporter: Sri Maharaj, what is the meaning of life?

Sri Ramakant Maharaj: There is no meaning of life because you are basically unborn and hence formless. What identity was there prior to beingness, and after leaving the food-body? Your spontaneous, invisible Presence does not have any specific identity. When the Spirit clicked with the body, the ‘words’ life and death came into existence. In this illusory world, nothing has been happening and nothing is going to happen. So instead of analyzing words, try to identify your unidentified, invisible identity, with the result that the identifier will disappear instantly. As long as there is body-based existence, body-based concepts will appear upon your spontaneous Presence.

The meaning of life for whom? Just Self-enquire. This question is body-based. You are unborn. Your Spontaneous Presence is invisible, anonymous unidentified identity. You are not, were not, are not going to remain, the body. Your Presence existed prior to beingness, prior to mind, ego, intellect, prior to everything. Presence is here now as the ‘holder’ of the body and will continue after the body goes. Open fact! Find out who is dying? Who is living? Nobody! Self-enquiry leads to Self-knowledge and Self-knowledge leads to Self-realization.

You don’t know that you are already realized because you have forgotten your identity. Wake up and grasp this golden opportunity to know yourself in a real sense. You have mistaken illusion for reality. You identified with the body and its needs: entertainment, happiness, knowledge, and searching for meaning is part of all this. This body-knowledge has to dissolve so that Ultimate Reality can re-emerge. You are That! Prior to beingness – no knower, no knowledge! That stateless state is your Reality, like sky or space, beyond words and worlds where no knowledge is knowledge.

You are Ultimate Reality, the Source and centre-point of the universe. Nothing can exist without your Presence. With guidance from an authentic Self-Realized Master, along with daily practice, the Spontaneous Conviction that you are not the body will arise. This is inevitable! Then exceptional peace and happiness, without any material cause, will be there. When the time comes you will leave the body without any fear because you know that it is only the food-body that is dying, and not you. You are unborn.


~Sri Ramakant Maharaj (75) is a rare, living Jnani who spent nearly 20 years with his beloved Master, the legendary, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Sri Ramakant is based in Nashik, Maharashtra. From the ashram, he teaches and offers the Naam Mantra to serious aspirants from across the world. Author of Selfless Self: Talks with Shri Ramakant Maharaj.

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