Master Tevia Feng: Wake Up, Qigong, and The Meaning of Life

m-feng-1.pngRight now we are entering the most turbulent times of human history. We are about to face the most intense climate changes ever witnessed in our recorded history. Tumultuous times are getting more and more tumultuous. Wars are raging all over the world and increasing at a fast rate. We have already entered the age of water wars in Sudan, Syria and other places. These are only expected to spread.

We have nearly destroyed our entire planet in the search for a more comfortable life and to fulfill our self centered dreams of so called success.

The media is completely manipulated and controlled, many people becoming indifferent to it. With all the ads, news scandals, war, climate change, and corrupt politicians, how do you really know who you are. Many people have lost connection to their inner power. They are being guided like sheep into the abyss without even questioning what is happening. Like a guinea pig that grew up in a cage its whole life, it did not even realize its condition because that is all the guinea pig knows.

Much of the human race, born into cities, thrown into school and then working like a slave to make ends meet for the rest of their lives until they are not useful to the company and then discarded. If you are lucky you get retirement. Never questioning about something deeper. Never questioning the programming, the authorities who rewarded you for good submissive behavior. Be a good citizen, go to work, go shopping, go on your TV, go on your computer.

Wait a minute there is hope!

Never has there been anymore pivotal time than now. Fortunately with the advent of the internet we can communicate faster than ever before with people from all over the world. The powers that be cannot completely control the information overflow as of yet. Many people are getting drips and drabs of the truth. People are organizing, sometimes over the wrong causes, but never the less we can see the ability to organize for a cause is as powerful as ever.

It was through Qigong that I was able to peel back the layers of the onion and discover myself, discover my own inner power. To see through all the programming from my culture, society, family, ads, TV, movies, music and then see the core of myself. This is what I got from Qigong. I ulocked the matrix.

To find the meaning of life you must go inside of yourself. You must see through the programming. The programming is all the Television you watched for years, the news you read, the schools you attended, the culture you were raised in, the country in which you grew up in, the media that programmed you. You have to peel back all the layers. Once you can see through a clean lense only then can you begin to discover the meaning of life.

It lies in love, love for each other, love for this beautiful mother earth, love for your body, love for your family, love and that is it.

Love is an action, not just a feeling. It is taking responsibility for something that you love, not just a prayer.

How to find this love? Join the ones who are already awake to tap into that power more easily, and then spread this love.

This is our only and last hope. We must do everything in our power to protect our beautiful mother earth first and foremost before everything in this life is lost.

Wake up now!


~Tevia Feng is the Master Instructor and Founder of White Tiger Qigong.
Tevia began martial arts, Qigong and meditation training at the age of 7. He has personally taught thousands of students from around the world, and has taught in various countries around the world including China and the US. Tevia is authorised to teach Qigong and Baguazhang of the Tian Ji Dao sect from Hong Kong and mainland China. Certified Medical Qigong Teacher, Practitioner and Healer. Published Author on Qigong.

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