Shonagh Home: The Meaning of Life

14355510_10210611900480600_3052839983489508145_nMan ponders life’s meaning endlessly
This brief sojourn to the mystery
Is tasted by many who engage a dance
In an earthly garden of circumstance
That draws us in to weave a story
Engaging earth in all her glory

A precious chance for ships to sail
To greet clear skies or stormy gale
We raise our mast and enter the sea
The waves of time move endlessly
Our vessel, sure, so we can explore
We know not what awaits afore

Life’s meaning has furrowed the brows of many
Who questioned and wondered if there could be any
Clear explanation that resolves the riddle
Songs have been sung to the sound of the fiddle
As well the harp played by ancient bard
And philosopher too who pondered, hard
The meaning of such a vast mystery

Oracles throughout our history
Have been queried with this ancient question of old
Put forth by the timid as well as the bold
Life is a cherished wondrous event
A playground for souls who were heaven-sent
Life is a brief adventure in time
A dip in the pool of the goddess’s mind…


~Shonagh Home is a shamanic therapist, teacher, writer and poet. Her specialized, private sessions and retreats are probing and revelatory, assisting clients to break chronic, self-defeating patterns, and move into empowered personal sovereignty. Shonagh is an international public speaker on the subject of visionary shamanic-spirit medicine, a voice for stewardship of the honeybees, and a teacher on the subject of Traditional Foods. She is the author of the books, ‘Ix Chel Wisdom: 7 Teachings from the Mayan Sacred Feminine,’ ‘Love and Spirit Medicine,’ and the upcoming book, ‘Healing Foods for the Wounded Warrior.’

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