Angie Boissevain Roshi: What Is the Meaning of Life?

500px_angie_boissevain_aExcellence Reporter: Angie Roshi, what is the meaning of life?

Angie Boissevain Roshi: I am eighty years old and when I was 13 years old, I realized that the human brain is too limited to even begin to understand life’s meaning, or even if it has any meaning at all.

Therefore, I’m afraid I can’t gin up more words about it, and just want to say: enjoy the mystery.


~Angie, Zuiko Enji, Boissevain is a disciple of the late Kobun Chino Otokawa Roshi and completed transmission with Vanja Jakko Eso Palmers Roshi. Teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area for thirty years, she was one of the founders, with Kobun Roshi, of Jikoji, a Zen temple and retreat center in the Santa Cruz mountains. She led retreats at AZG several times a year after its founder, Maylie Scott Roshi, passed away, and also led retreats in other parts of the US and in Europe until three years ago when long distance traveling became too challenging. She now continues teaching at Floating Zendo, a Zen sitting group meeting weekly in San Jose, CA where she lives. She has three sons and is a published poet.

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