Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson: The Meaning of Life and Your Life-Purpose Statement

dr-johnson-longhu-shan-copyExcellence Reporter: Doctor Johnson, what is the meaning of life?

Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson: For centuries, this unique question has been posed to special people of deep insight; who were often widely acclaimed prophets, renowned sages, and esoteric mystics of profound wisdom and intuition. Although the question is simple – the answer is truly an enigma, as the specific reply to this unique inquiry will always vary, depending on each person’s individual history and spiritual value system. Keeping this in mind, for me the true meaning of life is always found in the simple word, “love.” This includes being completely devoted to truly honoring, appreciating, and valuing yourself, others, as well as your relationship with the Divine.

Although the word “Love” is associated with a variety of different definitions, including certain amorous feelings, romantic states, and special attitudes that range from strong interpersonal affection to great pleasure, from an ancient Daoist perspective, “Love” can also be seen as one of the five powerful internal Virtues that manifest externally as Compassion, Kindness, and Unconditional affection towards yourself and others.

Because it is You who brings into energetic existence the true significance and value of your life, the “meaning of life” is often associated with the inner-knowing that you are fulfilling your Life-Purpose; which can only be uncovered, understood, and defined by you.

With this in mind, I will sometimes introduce my students to the following exercise, which will help them discover their core values and life-purpose; as well as assist them in understanding the meaning of their life. This special “meaning” is manifested externally as their expressed value system; and actually knowing what it is that makes you happy, helps you to understand what it is that you are truly seeking after in life.

Therefore if you ask yourself to sit down and become introspective about your current life journey; ‘what is important to you? What do you truly want? What do you truly value? And why is that so important to you? In answering these simple questions, you may begin to uncover what you internally believe and maintain to be your own personal value system, which can help you to uncover your general Life-Purpose.

In order to provide you with a simple method used for uncovering your general Life-Purpose, there are 12 simple questions that can be used in order to unlock and reveal your heart’s true desires for enjoying your life.

  1. Begin by listing three things that you like about yourself. For example, within your mind, list the things that you like about who you are; and then write these three things down onto a piece of paper.
  2. Next, write down three things that you like to do; the things that bring great joy to your life.
  3. Then, write three things that you like to share with other people.
  4. And finally, write three things that you would like to leave behind – your contribution to society.

Having completed this list of 12 answers, make a “Life-Purpose Statement” by writing the following:

“My general Life-Purpose is to use my———–;’ at this point, write the three things you like the most about yourself. For example, my sense of humor, my honesty, and my compassion represent the three things that I like most about myself. They represent a true manifestation of my innate internal Nature. Therefore, proceed to structure the sentence as follows:

“My general Life-Purpose is to use my —(the 3 things that you like about yourself)—, through —(the 3 things that you like to do)—, by sharing —(the 3 things that you like to share)—, in order to contribute —(the 3 things that you like would like to leave behind).

This simple “Life Purpose Statement” allows any individual to consciously choose to enjoy their life, by first acknowledging what it is that they truly like about themselves and their physical, emotional, and mental experiences. It then allows them to see the energetic vehicles through which they have chosen in order to accomplish this important task. This important understanding, not only helps them to accept and receive themselves as they currently are, but it also reveals the exact state of mind that they’re presently experiencing in this life, and acknowledges the things that they like to do for themselves and others. This in turn, helps them to understand and appreciate both the pleasure of fulfilling their life purpose, as well as encourages them to enjoy their present ‘tour’ while on earth, and appreciate the true purpose and significance (i.e., meaning) of their life.


~Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson is regarded as one of the few internationally recognized Non-Chinese Internal Martial Arts Grand Masters, Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Professors of Esoteric Daoist Mysticm in the world. He is acknowledged in China and “the Father of Medical Qigong Therapy to the West,” and is the author of 11 critically acclaimed Medical Qigong Textbooks, including Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: A Comprehensive Clinical Text and The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine. After 40 years of training, he was ordinated as a Senior Abbot at the Longhu Shan Daoist Monastery in China, and currently oversees Tian Yun Gong (“Temple of the Celestial Cloud”) in Monterey, California; where he has written many articles on Daoist Mysticism, Spirituality, Chinese Energetic Medicine, and Chinese Internal Martial Arts. In high demand as a Conference Keynote Speaker, some of Dr. Johnson’s sponsors have included the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong (Beijing, China), World Health Qigong Scientific Symposium (Paris, France), the Prime Medical Center (Sao Paulo, Brazil), the Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres (Montreal, Canada), The International Healing Center (Carracas, Venezuela), Bastyr University (Kenmore, Washington), and numerous Acupuncture Colleges and Western Medical Universities throughout the United States and the world.

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