Michael Domitrovich: The Meaning of Life and Your To-Do List

Austin Irving_Mikey Balcony_03 BWI have a running to-do list, which has anywhere from 3 to 30 items on it. I do not have a fancy app or calendar, just a notebook or piece of paper. Full disclosure, I don’t even have an efficient system for getting these things done, I just try to cross off a few items every day.

For the past 3 months I have had “Meaning of Life” at the top of my list. This is a pretty great snapshot of my existence at this moment. No pressure, Mikey, just encapsulate the essence of human existence somewhere between meditation, breakfast, and your 10:00 appointment. NBD.

But then it struck me, isn’t this a pretty great snapshot of everyone’s existence? Aren’t we all just trying to accomplish our to-do list while doing our best to answer the big questions and understand the big picture?

Theoretically, yes. But in practice?

Where is the meaning of life on your to-do list? Is it at the top? Somewhere in the middle? Is it even there?

From what I can tell, life is an opportunity to create meaning in every single moment of living, but you have to seize the opportunity. If you want to create a meaningful life, you have to put it on your to-do list.

The longer I work as a healer, the more often I see people struggling because they have lost track of what matters to them – in other words, what is meaningful. I get this, of course. No matter how balanced or centered you might be, when daily life drops its storm-du-jour on you it’s all too easy to toss aside the big-picture stuff in favor of the minutiae.

When you do this, it might seem like you’re being very responsible; eschewing the intangible for the pragmatic. Problem is, if you concentrate on the small stuff for too long you end up nudging the big stuff out of the way, little by little, until you forget that creating meaning in your life is even an option. At that point, life can seem pretty… well… meaningless.

Hey. This happens. It’s called spiritual crisis. A crisis of meaning. In this respect, I understand spiritual healing as a means of identifying and empowering our most important and invisible priorities, especially when we lose track of them. Spiritual practice then becomes the consistent, day-to-day process of maintaining a connection with those intangible, essential priorities, no matter what happens circumstantially in your life.

But the connection is not enough. If you want to create a meaningful life, you have to put the creation of meaning on your to-do list.

How? Clarify your perspective: make it a priority to ask and answer big, gnarly, subjective questions – What matters to me? What turns me on? What gives me strength? What do I live for? What would I die for? Why do I get up in the morning? What truth am I compelled to speak? What makes me want to stand up and take action? How do I see things differently from everyone else? What do I believe in, like, actually?

We sometimes walk around with a vague idea of the answers to these questions, but engaging them actively clarifies your perspective by keeping you connected to the most powerful, if intangible, aspects of your existence. Even if you can’t come up with any answers, it is so important to keep asking the questions – at the very least because asking the questions will help to prevent someone else answering them for you. More importantly the answers and the asking create your own subjective inner state of being: your approach, your values, your beliefs, your world view.

Then you have a point of view. From there, creation can begin.

You can create meaning in your life when you, as a conscious being, form a relationship to the collision of your inner truth and your daily life. You don’t have to be calculating about it. Just be observant. You’ve got to clock the storm as it crashes against your inner truth.

Then you can evaluate: What just happened? How do you feel about it? Has it changed your perspective or supported it? Creation is an experiment. You can have a plan, but every artist also has to roll with the punches. The important thing is to survey the canvas frequently (keep the creation of meaning on your to-do list.)

Then you, YOU, become the quiet peaceful witness who gets to watch as your inner truth collides with the outer world, creating giant explosions of meaning.

The trippy part is that the art of living, heck… the MAGIC of life, is that whatever you choose to create will manifest.

If you are looking for misery, you will find it. If you are looking for joy, you will find it too. If you’re looking for meaning, you will definitely create it. You will find it. And maybe that’s better than joy. You can then be in the middle of any circumstance or storm and you can find peace, because even if you don’t know exactly what the meaning is, you’ve chosen to create it, so you know it’s there somewhere. And then you get to watch.

My whole life became magical when I chose, formally, to exist in a universe where everything is connected and everything has deep meaning. The type of meaning you create depends entirely on the perspective you articulate.

Remember, though, that you are different in every moment, so to some degree, your perspective is going to change just as quickly. This is why I say you don’t have to answer the questions flat out – just try to keep an active grappling with the meaning of life somewhere on your to-do list.

When the meaning of life is on that list, you are engaging a practice of creation that bears fruit. Clarifying your perspective decides the crop you’re going for. And then the storms become irrigation. Blights become an opportunity to start afresh. Wildfires scorch the earth but create new minerals that feed your intentions. And the seasons will turn, and everything will grow and die, but maybe, if you are really brave and hopeful, and you decide to create meaning that is full of love and compassion, then your contribution to this massive chord that is the song of humanity will establish a harmony upon which others can build ever more complex and beautiful experiments in meaning.


~Michael Domitrovich is the founder of EdibleSpirit, a mystical lifestyle brand dedicated to making the power of the spiritual plane as accessible and enjoyable as a bag of chips.

Through EdibleSpirit, Michael offers his services as a healing channel in private sessions, group sessions and space clearings. Additionally, he offers workshops, lectures and guided meditations designed to demystify and destigmatize spiritual healing, soul-study and the esoteric arts. These gatherings are scheduled regularly in New York and Los Angeles, but can be organized privately to create a customized mystical event in the comfort of your own space.

Trained as a psychic, medium, healer, and conscious channel, Michael addresses clients’ concerns with life, love, and career, but specializes in placing these issues within the larger context of spiritual experience and psychic awakening. As such Michael frequently guides clients into empowering their purpose and path as healers on Earth, while helping them to understand and stabilize their psychic gifts.

All of the offerings from EdibleSpirit emphasize practical application – it’s not about what’s happening on “the other side,” but how the power of the other side can be harnessed, integrated  and applied to enhance daily life.

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