The Meaning of Life — As It Resonates With Maria Broom

Me3Excellence Reporter: Ms. Broom, what is the meaning of life?

Maria Broom: Compiling and sifting through all of the readings, teachings, intuitive thoughts, feelings and even off-planet transmissions… I make this attempt to express what resonates in my heart as the meaning of life.

I believe that we humans are 7.5 billion cells in the body of God / the Source / the Creator… along with billions and billions of other cells comprising that same magnificent entity. Being born human, it seems that we are gifted with a full-bodied consciousness that is aware of its free will to think, speak, build, make choices, or to not do any of those things. I believe that through such tremendous generosity, we were endowed with those all those abilities in order to continue and magnify that Creator/Creative energy. And we have done that, civilization after civilization over millennia.

We have also used our capabilities to the point of harm, disaster and destruction, and yet it’s worthy of awe that we have continued to exist with ever-increasing numbers. It is as though these particular cells in the body of God will keep regenerating and multiplying  until we have mastered the tasks of being Godly while in human form. I think there are kernels in each religious philosophy that point us in that direction. But mostly I think this is something that each human has to stumble upon on their own… to master the tasks of being consciously creative and kind, creative and generous, creative and open-hearted, creative and endlessly mindful, creative and self-aware.

In essence, that we’re all sparks of Divinity, flowers in a Divine garden, beings with huge gifts, charged with maintaining this planet as we evolve and enjoy being human… resonates with me as the meaning of life.


~Maria Broom, although nationally recognized as an actress for her recurring roles in HBO’s The Wire and The Corner, Maria Broom is also a storyteller and dancer with more than forty years of performing and teaching across the globe, and now, the author of The Village Bully. A Fulbright Scholar, an OSI Fellow, and a former featured news reporter for Baltimore’s WJZ TV… Maria has received many awards and honors including the Eubie Blake Award, the Sarah’s Circle Award and the 2004 Governor’s Arts Award for Individual Artist. She was named Artist of the Year in 2007 by Young Audiences/Arts for Learning. Currently, Maria is on the theater faculty at the Baltimore School for the Arts, a guest instructor for Peabody Preparatory and Center Stage, and is the host for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s popular Music Box series. In 2014 she was invited to present her Village Bully Project at OSI’s Big Change Baltimore and at the Maryland Restorative Justice Conference.

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